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Saturday, October 8, 2011

First Snow...

Woke up to a touch of Winter this morning, and the sound of wet snow plunking on the roof. Managed to snap these pics before rain set in melting it all away. Fall is not finished yet (as you can see by all the green still on the trees) but the first snow is always welcome here, as it signals a time for slowing down (hopefully :). There is a pull to “hibernate” – to move inward, to be still, to rest, to be in silence – to go deep and just listen…

“Winter is a time for death.
Do you think death is a bad thing?

The ultimate death is nothing to do with the body.
It is the death of your self as separate from God.
You are standing at the edge of the ocean of Love.
Plunge below the surf of separation.
Dive into the mystical depth.
Dissolve yourself into that sea.
Like a moth around a candle,
be irresistibly drawn to the light
until you are engulfed by flames
in an inferno of communion.”



  1. there is always something so festive and exciting about the first snow. it is often unexpected. we wake up or look out the window to see something out of the ordinary. I think part of it is that feeling of being able to do something different, stay home perhaps, shovel snow, bake some cookies. it shakes up our routine, jars us out of our preoccupations.

    so happy hibernation, even though it will melt. then you will be able to savour it again when it returns.

  2. Snow! Oh, that seems so early somehow, doesn't it! But I admire your pragmatic thoughts regarding it. I know the first snow won't be far off here too... The first snow is something special. I suppose it takes one back to childhood--waiting eager by the radio to hear one's school announced as being closed for the day! LOL... It's good to have hibernation days and times. They can be very restorative. And since you are in a time of needing healing, comfort and stillness...a little hibernation sound good for your spirit. ENJOY! And keep warm ;o) ((HUGS))

  3. i dont like to think about snow. call it denial. LOL. I know it will come. but yes, at first it is lovely and that call to hibernate is strong.

  4. What celebration! Thank you for these pics Christine. When I first arrived in Denver in August it snowed! AUGUST! I couldn't believe it...snowflakes as big as silver dollars falling from that amazing Colorado sky.
    And a celebration of Death...this beautiful Rumi poem is heat enough to engulf one in Love's embracing Inferno.
    Rest into Zero Dear Christine.....♥

  5. ZDS ~ Yes, it was unexpected! They had predicted rain and we woke up to wonderland if only for just a few hours. Delightful treat!

    No hibernating yet though. Still had to go to my mother's to tend to things there, but, it was fun to be out in it, as my mother was getting even more of the wonderland white. :) I knew it was just a taste of things to come!

    Tracy ~ We've actually had snow as early as Sept here! :) (And from what Leslie says - August!) And then of course it warms up again back to Fall/Summer type weather, like it will do here this coming week. Looking forward to snow's return though and some prolonged hibernating time. :)

    Suki ~ :) Yes, the call to hibernate is very strong for me right now. Snow or no snow...

    I hear you've had 80 degree weather recently! Are your Fall leaves peaking yet?

    Leslie ~ August!? It's been snowing in the High Country since then I think and the peaks are white. Yes, the heat from the inferno of communion - ie: hibernation :) will surely melt that snow :)

  6. lol...I surely hope so...been in hibernation for, hmmmmmmmmm, so long I have no idea what outside looks like. :)

  7. Oh... it's lovely. But I'm not ready for it yet. 28C here yesterday and a bit less today. Vibrant Autumn against a blue sky. I'll cling to this a bit longer! :-D

  8. Hello Genju! :) Yes, it was just a little taste of what's to come and I'm not quite ready either, although I like the *idea* of what it brings - hibernation - which I need to do snow or no snow. I definitely want more of Fall leaves, crisp night air, and "Indian Summer" days too! :)

    Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment.

  9. Just found your blog. And this is a Rumi poem I hadn't ever read! Thank you. :)

  10. Welcome Cheryl! The poem is an excerpt from one of Rumi's poems on Winter and Death that I found on another blog. I see that you are a poet too :) Christine


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