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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Turn... Turn... Turn...

towards Me,
”The Beloved;”
the Face of your Self;
the Light in your Heart;
the space of Pure Awareness…

Turn from the voices of the unconscious,
- the land of the living dead -
the voices of confusion, hatred, violence;
the ones who distract
you from *knowing*
the Truth…

~ Turn ~


~ Turn ~

Turn and listen


of the Heart

until you hear
what needs
to be heard
in your


Turn inward from the stimulation
of life being “sold” to the masses;
with its false delusions of the Real;
including the “spirituality” vendors,
who sell you their “frameworks”
to keep you seeking, striving,
believing you need more,
leaving you empty…

Come – sit with Me.

Sit in solitude
with Me…
Knowing Me.




~ Turn ~

“I” am Here…


Mystic Meandering
Oct. 16, 2011


Photo ~

In looking for a photo for this post
I found this one in my files.
It is a picture of the September Full Moon
through the skylight.
What captured my attention
when I saw it in my files
was the reflection of what appears
to be an “inner window” or door.
I did not notice this
when I took the photo,
but only saw this afterward,
and after turning the photo :)
In a sense it is what this poem
is about – turning and going inward,
metaphorically through the inner
Just sitting, turning towards Silence,
and meeting that spacious Awareness
that is always there…


  1. a very powerful and beautiful poem, Mystic. I love it. I feel I have been turning away for years from persuasion to have more and more. Yet sometimes i weaken. I want a house to call my own. such greed i sometimes think. ah well. good thoughts. and that's cool about the photo.

  2. Your poem is stunning, Christine. A bit that especially resonated was, "until you hear what needs to be heard in your heart." I am here... a wonderful remind to get still and check in. This poem has me thinking so much! Wishing you a good week with much silence and sweet stillness... :o) ((HUGS))

  3. This is a lovely and honest post. A call that should be taken seriously by all. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and yes, I was out you way just last month. I grew up there and love that area.

  4. Suki ~ Thank you...Sometimes what we want *is* what we *need* - an environment that allows us to thrive and be who we are. That is not greed. It's what Being longs for, our Heart's desire. To me that's different than the unconscious patterns of greed.

    I truly hope you find a place/space where your Being can thrive!

    Much Love - Christine

  5. Tabor ~ Thanks for coming by here as well. And I grew up back East, and landed here many years ago. :) Glad you liked the poem... Christine

  6. Dearest Christine...
    "Sometimes what we want *is* what we *need* - an environment that allows us to thrive and be who we are. That is not greed. It's what Being longs for, our Heart's desire. To me that's different than the unconscious patterns of greed.

    I truly hope you find a place/space where your Being can thrive!"
    -- YES!!!!!!! Me too........♥

  7. This is a very powerful piece! And so filled with truth. To do this deeply and consistently is freedom. I was thinking related thoughts as I sat this morning. I must have been hearing you wonderful poem in my heart before I read it online!

  8. Thank you Leslie ~ :) May we all find that space that allows our Being to thrive! That allows for deep communion with Life and therefore the blossoming of our True Heart... "I" am workin' on it too. :) Lots of Love! C

  9. Thank you ZDS... I am humbled... Must be something in the stream of Life these days calling us all to a deeper awareness of Truth, of Being, of Freedom... I am definitely being called to a deeper Silence within. Bows. C

  10. So much truth here Christine. It's much easier to go looking outside of ourselves because that's where our powerful sensory awareness is constantly focused. But if we can retrain ourselves to seek inwards...nothing to buy, nowhere to go and absolutely free, that's where the answers are. Seems too good to be true I guess ;) Thanks for this.

  11. Uma ~ Thank you. Yes! I have called it "entraining" with Stillness/Silence - our Natural Nature - which is already completely free, open, knowing - THAT which we have been seeking - and absolutely where the "answers" are - or where there's no need for "answers." ;) For most I think it seems too "simple" because we have also been conditioned/trained to believe that it takes years/lifetimes to *see* this (our True Nature), and we have built up expectations around this *seeing*... And really, all we have to do is turn inward and *see*/experience That which is already Here. For me, I need to keep re-turning to this space, until I'm fully "entrained" :)

  12. I can't put into words just how helpful this beautiful piece is to me. It is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  13. Welcome Lisa! Thank you for the kind words. I see that there's a lot of creativity going on in your world with SoulCollage :)

  14. This is my first time here. Came from Uma's blog. I really like what you have to say. Your poem is so rich and captures something that I feel I am seeking also. There is a common thread between us all, don't you think? Very nice!

  15. Welcome Teri!Thank you for your comment.

    Yes, there is a "common thread" that runs through us all - the "essence" of Life that *is* us. We just get focused on the differences (as Uma says the different facets). I have heard spiritual teachers explain it this way: There may be several gold statues, all made into different images, but the essence is still the Gold that they are made from - their essence.

    For me that "essence" is the felt sense of what I call "Silence" (or sometimes I call it Stillness) that is not silent, but is the hum of Life that flows through everything. Some also know this "essence" as Love, The Buddha Nature, Consciousness,the Life Force etc. depending on the frame of reference, but it's really all the same "thread"(energy) running through everything, however we choose to call it - and however IT chooses to manifest ItSelf... :)


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