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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Winter Walks...

I wanted to share these photos from some of my walks at twilight after our first Winter morning snow; plus some taken from out the windows… The words under the photos are excerpts from a poem called Silent Retreat© by Jamie Reaser. They are used here with her permission. You can read the entire poem in context and view her poetry at Talking Waters.


Sometimes you have to go
into the thick quietude

Because no one
can meet the curve
of your words…..

……only the snow knows
the story that is hidden
from the closed eyes
of the world.

This is a silent retreat

Go then, this way…

Far within the bear’s den
where you will
hear your beating heart…

Speak nothing of the Beloved

until the Beloved has

your name

Then you’ll know
is the only possibility.


Winter Blessings to all...


  1. Oh, you have such beuatiful snow! Usually we have a few feet of white stuff by now, but this is going to be a green (or rather brown) Christmas. Lucky you!

  2. Hi Cate! Yes it is beautiful this year! Usually we are having a brown winter! They say that Denver only has snow on the ground at Christmas 37% of the time... So yes, we lucked out this year. :)

  3. Beautiful, seasonal photos. To me snow is so perfect for Christmas, however we rarely have it here on the wet coast, but I grew up in a snowy place.

    Lovely words you have chosen to go with your photos.

  4. Thank you ZDS - Yes, it feels quite perfect for this time of year, although we're usually brown here for Christmas. I grew up in New England where we had a lot of snow and almost always a white Christmas. Enjoy the Holiday!

  5. "...emergence
    is the only possibility."

  6. I liked that line too, Leslie :)
    Love emerging ♥ :)

  7. Lovely photos. A white christmas for you. And a lovely poem. thank you

  8. Thank you Suki... Warm wishes for contentment and a loving season filled with Light.

  9. Beautiful poem! Just opens up the heart to the soft silence. Your pictures are brilliant! We just got our first snowfall yesterday and it still feels somewhat tentative.

    Warm wishes, Christine! Thank you for your courage and your presence here.

  10. Thank you Lynette Genju! S0 good to see you here! I hope you hopped over to Jamie's blog to read the whole poem! I just took excerpts from it here.

    Courage? :) Just being 'me'... But thank you...

    Loving wishes to you for a peaceful and joyous New Year...


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