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Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Heart Wish for the New Year...

May our hearts always be open
to hear
The Rhythm of Life’s Song.

May we see life through the eyes of wonder and curiosity…
May we dance with life intimately and creatively…
May we inspire each other to remember who we are in the core of our Being…
May we find contentment in just being who we are…
May we give voice to the song in our Hearts authentically…

And may we always
leave Love
in our wake…


This amazing photo was captured after our neighbor’s daughter
pulled away from the curb in front of her house and made a turn in the street -
leaving behind these 2 hearts…

I just *happened* to look out our living room window
and saw them. I grabbed the camera and ran upstairs
to get a better shot – just before they evaporated into the air…

I am grateful for all the traces of love that you all have left here…

Blessings of Love to you all in the New Year!


  1. I was looking at that photo wondering how did you ever find that! Glad you told us. Now you're eyes have to be open to find such treasures!

    Yes to openness, and wonder and curiosity and to being content with who we are. Such wonderful aspirations for this new year ahead. Blessings to you and much appreciation for all that you share with us here.

  2. ZDS ~ Thank you for your kind words of appreciation... It's been a pleasure to have you riding along on the wave of life here :)

    Isn't that photo amazing! Blew me away - and the fact that I would just happen to look out the window while it was still on the street... You never know where the Heart will reveal Itself :)

  3. I, like Zendot, wondered...what am I looking at...where were these hearts found...wonderful wonderful sweet mysteries of life.
    Happy Sweet Year...Meandering and rich with the Mystic.

  4. Hi D - Yeah, cool eh? No we're not seeing things! It's just another unexpected and loving play of the Mystery :) Lovely to have another "luna-tic" along to enjoy the View :) LOL... Have another wonderfully creative year!

  5. WOW...Pretty amazing...That Universe is such a sweet Prankster...Happy New Year Dear Heart dwelling Sister...♥
    Dear Christine's New Year's resolution...venture into the wild streets of FB!!! ~ :)xoxo

  6. Leslie you make me laugh! I may venture into the wild streets of Life, wildly dancing, but, oh dear, don't know about FB. Now that scares me :) - not quite ready for prime time... ♥:) - C

  7. May this new year bring you all that is good and bright and true. Thank you so much for gifting us with this splendid oasis of thoughtfulness, midnfulness and light.

  8. Thank you Cate! The same for you as well this new year! And thank you for your lovely words regarding this space. Your presence here always makes my heart happy!

  9. That is just an amazing capture!
    Happy New Year, looks like it's off to an auspicious beginning!

  10. What a beautiful, encouraging and promising sign with which to begin the New Year. It so perfectly underlines the heart-warming sentiment of your New Year's wish for all.
    Lynne xo

  11. Uma ~ Thank you for coming by to leave your "Happy New Year." Yes, what an amazing "sign"/reminder these hearts are,that we are loved beyond measure, and that love is what it's all about. May you find peace and solace in your time of grieving for your Dad... Many Heart Hugs! Christine

  12. Lynne ~ Thank you. I know! It was incredible to see them there on the street, and then poof, gone. Admittedly it gave me a little heart boost of encouragement for "things to come." :)

  13. LOVE to you, Christine! :o) Right now I'm dwelling, and to quote Emily Dickinson,”dwell in possibility”… I love this time in Januray to dwell in possibility. I’ve been journalling a lot about what to focus on in 2012. Magic and Heart Work will be featuring big while exploring new horizons in painting & other art. Looking forward to sharing another spirit-filled year with you, Christine. Great to be back in blogland after two weeks away for Christmas in the USA, and catch up with you here now. Wishing you all the very best in 2012–-PEACE, LOVE & JOY! ((HUGS))

  14. Hello Tracy! Welcome back! :) Sounds like you are planning a wonderful creative year for yourself! Seems like there's always "Heart Work" to do :) Always new openings that open us up through just living. Will be watching your blog for all your new explorations... Peaceful endings and creative beginnings for 2012...

  15. Happy Times, Christine! I am always thrilled to find new and wonderful things here.

    May we replenish ourselves in each other's joy!

  16. Why thank you Genju! :) Yes, am finding "new and wonderful" things to explore this year. :) May our joy runneth over in the discovery...

  17. Your photo and your poetry are such a joy!

    "And may we always leave Love in our wake…"

    Thank you, Christine— for being here— and for shining so brightly. Best wishes for 2012.

  18. Thank you Kris! As you know, I always love the gentle wake of your presence here :) May we continue to shine with the light of Awareness this year!


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