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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Awareness and Joy Of Being...

“Inside everyone
is a great shout of joy
waiting to be born…”

David Whyte
From: The Winter of Listening
The House of Belonging

Open awareness
changes us…

There is magic in deep listening,
in open awareness,
in Silence.
There is a subtle
but utterly reorienting shift
of perspective…
One finds oneself, locates oneself
as Here and Now and This.

It is only in those times of
deep listening, awareness
and Silence
that I know who I really am.

This Silence,
this deep listening,
is what we have been
looking for,
for a long, long time.

Remembering the stillness
at the heart
of our own lives
reunites us with

“To be awake is to be
to all that is.
To stay awake
is to surrender
to unedited

Scott Morrison
Daily Dharma

When you become
very open and relaxed,
you can suddenly
be aware that
something else
is occupying
your body-mind.

Something else
is looking out from
your eyes,
listening from
your ears,
and feeling
your feelings.

Awakeness is inherent
in all things
and all beings
all the time…

You realize that behind
all your desires
was a single desire:
to experience
each moment
from your
true nature…


  1. experience each moment from your true nature.

    yes, this is lovely. from this point i do not have to anguish over choices, but merely follow the path of my true nature and be.

    i had a greeting card line called true nature cards for awhile.

    lovely flowers!

    1. Yes - our heart's true desire - to live as our True Nature in awesome deep listening, openness and aliveness.

      Oooo - your greeting card line sounds wonderful!

      These are all flowers from my yard! :) Joy blooms all around me!

  2. I've always loved these, and your images are sublime!

    1. Thank you Cate! So good to see you here... I have no idea what their names are - what kinds of roses these are, but they are lovely. And those little violet flowers bloomed from a weed only once a couple of years ago...

  3. Dear Christine...That settles it! I love this one absolutely the BEST!!! How beautiful...the Words and Images love each other...

    1. Dear Leslie - You make my Heart smile big grins... :)

  4. A more beautiful, elegant, direct way to communicate the ancient ageless truth, cannot be imagined … To be! … To stay! Surrounded by Joy And thus live peacefully – compassionately - synergisticly within our Gaia-Earth-Life-Net … Awakened !

    Finding our place in the delicate balance of life within the gardens of joy that surround us.

    Thank You

    1. Hello Dear Vereda! So good to see you here again! Thank you for your enthusiastic and joyful comment. Nature is such the purest form of Being...

      Ever Unfolding ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ :)

  5. These flower images are so vibrant and lush.

    “Inside everyone
    is a great shout of joy
    waiting to be born…”

    Love this so much!

    1. Thank you ZDS, I thought you'd like that one! :)

  6. These magic moments, magic words and magic images refreshed my afternoon... *sigh*... Thank you, Christine! We're heading to the USA on Monday to visit my family for some days. Online time will be limited, but I hope to be around. ;o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

    1. Yes, these flowers are so full of LIFE aren't they! Oh wow, a trip to the USA! Have a safe and happy trip visiting!


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