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Friday, May 25, 2012

Listening to Life...

Sitting at the open window of Life,
wide open Awareness,
listening to Life’s Symphony
on a raw, cold, wet day
in May…

The chill in the air
touches my skin
caressing me,
 welcoming me,
allowing me to feel Life’s

A canopy of lush green leaves
holds a chorus of birds
chattering and chirping.
Mourning Doves coo.
Blue Jays screech,
warning of impending rain…

The sound of rain hits
the leaves
in sharp pitts and dull plops
and splashy splatts
that barely rustle
in the light wind

The sound of cars pass on the street
leaving the crackle
of wetness as tires ride
over rain-soaked pavement -
which I find strangely comforting…

The brilliant blue, white and black markings
on the wings
of a Blue Jay
capture Awareness
as the Jay swoops
from fence line to fence line,
swiftly cocking its head around
looking sharply with each landing,
then moving beyond view...

Being takes it all in,
through these eyes…

A rabbit sits in the rain,
as if sitting vigil…
Big, black-pooled eyes
stare - watching…
ears cocked,
Being content to Be…

Beneath the “human noise”
of cars, and planes, and engines
There is just Life’s Presence,
Its inherent Aliveness
Its Awakeness…

Buds and Blossoms
bounced about
by rain and wind
nod - whispwering yes...

I exhale,
and mind lets go,
deeply listening
to Life;
deeply aware of
Life’s Presence;
with the
Essence of Nature
deeply living…

Life living ItSelf…

Despite our busyness,
our harriedness,
our distractions,
LIFE lives…
holding it all,
allowing it all,
awareing it all.

Window sitting is my favorite meditation.
Aliveness flourishes in the deep silence of

Life watches ItSelf play ItSelf out
through my eyes...

silently gazing through
the open window,
while the music of Life
plays ITs own Symphony.

How intimately magical Life is…
How whimsically Life plays…

How do we miss such an enchanting spectacle…
How did we forget,
become blind and deaf,
to Life living ItSelf;
needing the kiss of a
”Prince Charming”
of Truth
to awaken to Life’s
beauty once again.

Life calls:
Are you awake?
Or are you still asleep -
pricked by the poison of ignorance -
waiting to be kissed…
to be enlivened…

Thunder rolls in,
louder and sharper.
The wind picks up,
blowing rain
 through the screen.
The chill is chillier,
coursing a deep shiver
through this body.

Life’s lusciousness
runs through the veins
and beats the heart…

Be kissed…

Mystic Meandering
Meditative Writings
May 23, 2012


  1. The practice of "window sitting" and thus this post, is primarily an experience or practice in awareness, in noticing the Aliveness in everything - the True Nature of Reality.

    Note: "Prince Charming" of Truth refers to our incessant need to follow Gurus hoping they can show us the Truth, instead of experiencing it directly through awareness...

    "pricked by the poison of ignorance." "Ignorance" refers to the Buddhist teaching of being ignorant of, or not knowing the True Nature of Reality that causes suffering. It does not refer to intellectual stupidity. :)

  2. You have the most exquisite way of gifting us with what we need and exactly when we need it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    1. Thank you Dear Cate ~ You are always an inspiration to me when it comes to communing with the Essence of Nature; capturing the inherent awakeness and Aliveness of Nature - as well as its magic and whimsy :) ... Many Bows ~ ~ ~

  3. a lovely reminder for me to be still! to just be as I am whisked off in life's abundant movement.

    love this: Beneath the “human noise”
    of cars, and planes, and engines
    There is just Life’s Presence,
    Its inherent Aliveness
    Its Awakeness…

    there is such a pull to be out in this season of green life sprouting everywhere..

    1. Thank you Carole! ~ Am so happy for you that you have all this abundant energy with which to enjoy life! :) Am sure that you can't help but feel and experience Life's Presence everywhere as you spend so much time in Nature - being a part of The Symphony :)

  4. I, too, am a starer out of windows. Nature heals, as this sensory meditation beautifully shows.

    1. Yeay, another fellow "window sitter" as we have dubbed them here :) It *is* so healing. Thanks for your comment!

  5. a beautiful meditation/poem/thoughts. I love your idea of window meditation. as you may or may not "know" from my posts, I have a chair in a southern sun window and so often sit there and just stare (although I also read, write in my journal.) Beside the chair which is one of two that my parents used to sit in to chat to each other, i have a little table on which sits a pile of books, my notebook and pencils and sometimes a cup of tea. I love my little corner.

    My window overlooks the field, the piney wood forest, the pond. But on June 1, these 8 acres will be sold (by the owner, my brother) and thus the farm my Dad bought for retirement will be broken in half. New people will come with the noise and activity of building a house. I wonder if I will sit in my window anymore. They probably will think I am watching them as the view is right there, no fence or trees to block it. The view will be completey change.

    Oh my, I have gone on! But I will think of you and your window sitting as I sit in my window nook today. Hugs, Suki

    1. How wonderful Suki that you are a "window sitter" too! LOL I think I may have seen a post where your cat had taken your "window seat" :)

      We live in a residential area, so the next house is only 30 feet away. From my second story perch I overlook the two side yards between us, the neighbor's garden, their back porch and back yard, 3 dogs and a rather rowdy teenager who likes to shoot a pellet rifle, a bow and arrow and now some kind of Ninja axes at our fence. Which is why I don't usually "window sit" until after 11pm when it's dark, and *usually* quiet. With the chair situated the way it is I look mainly into their back yard where there are trees. And at night it doesn't matter, except that we keep our back light on, which allows me to see them.

      Am sorry to hear that the acreage next to you has been sold and will change your view. Hopefully they won't build the house too close to you, so that there will still be some acreage between you. I hope you find a way to keep sitting. It's a wonderful meditation. I will think of you "window sitting" too! Taking in the sights and sounds of Nature while you can. Big Hugs :) C

  6. And a beautiful view from your window it is, with so much wonderful life to watch, be witness to, and a part of. So much wisdom in all of this. I really enjoyed reading this piece and will be coming back to it again and again.

    I too can relate to looking out windows, or even patio-sitting or porch-sitting which I do a lot of.

    I also like your explanation of the "Prince Charming of Truth" in your first comment which refers to "following gurus with the expectation that they will show the way to Truth, instead of experiencing it for ourselves through awareness." You have that so right! It's good to know others feel that way about the subject too. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Thank you Cynthia! And I see from your blog, Canyon Wren's Rambles, that you spend a lot of time in Nature. :) Basking in the sights and sounds of Nature connects us so deeply to that still place of Truth within, as you know. Thanks for coming by and leaving your lovely comment.


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