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Monday, August 20, 2012

Spontaneous Dancing Light...

This was a lovely spontaneous moment of Seeing.  As I walked down the hall I noticed the color that reflected on the wall coming from a cut glass crystal orb sitting in the window in our bedroom from the other end of the hall.  In that instant of seeing I ran for the camera because I knew the specter wouldn’t last long as the sun set quickly.  The dance of light was only but a moment…

Enjoy The Dance!

When through realization we come to understand
the divine energy that causes us to exist,
we cease to impede its natural flow
in and through ourselves…

Existence is really a patterned
flowing movement of the real;
a motion in space;
a flowing of all life…

Realization then is the conscious understanding of the unity
[ fluid seamlessness]
of life
and the unity [seamlessness]
of the living Self…

Manly P. Hall


  1. Love the moment you captured, love the quote!

  2. very spectacular! and you only had to go as far as your hallway. yes, nice quote too! and so easily that conscious understanding escapes us!

    1. Thank you Carole :) Yes, that conscious understanding fades at times just like the color on the wall... But the divine energy that flows is always there underneath...

  3. Thank you for visiting me with your lovely comment today, as I said it is a grey day for me, but your flash of light creating such beauty lifts my spirit. x

    1. Am glad... Color has a way of lifting doesn't it... And thank you for visiting here as well...

  4. maybe "conscious understanding" is better embraced as actualizing seamlessness...the experience..in realizing is "understanding" different from experiencing?

    Thanks for the light


    1. Hi Alan - Good question! Words are so tricky :) - which is why I added the words "fluid seamlessness" in brackets, because "unity" implies the coming together of two *separate* entities, when in actuality there is only seamless, fluid Consciousness (some people call it Awareness). The rainbow colors so wonderfully reflect this.

      I would say it like this: Realization is the conscious *awareness* of the fluid seamlessness of the Life/Divine energy that is already here as "this." This "realization/awareness" doesn't necessarily happen all at once - but can come in ever unfolding glimpses as it has here with me.

      I would say there is only Consciousness experiencing - but - there is also understanding that is happening. But IT can't be grasped intellectually. It's more like an intuitive "knowing" through direct experience of unborn Consciousness.

      In essence, there seems to be a conscious *recognition* of Consciousness as being all there is. I have heard it explained that this Consciousness that we are wakes up to ItSelf/realizes ItSelf/remembers ItSelf in its own time and way...

      Does any of this resonate?

      Glad you liked the "Light show." It was quite illuminating :) Thanks for you comment!

  5. A delicious treat for both the senses and the soul ... thank you dear C

  6. a gem of inspiration... i may have danced away to paint something....

    1. Thank you Monica :) You have wonderful photography and prose on your blog! I would love to be able to paint that photo! sigh...


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