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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Window Perspective...

I have been an insomniac the last couple of nights. Last night I went to the window to sit.  For those of you who haven’t been reading here long, I started a “practice” for myself about 2 years ago that I call “Window Sitting” – as a way of being aware of and communing with deep Silence.  See  "Window Sitting" Has Resumed.         .

Anyway, I haven’t been “window sitting” in a lonnnng time – months - due to life circumstances that changed our sleeping schedule and didn’t allow for late sitting, and activities next door at the times I wanted to sit.

But last night around 2am, unable to sleep, I went to the window.  I was immediately drawn in to the Silence that is always there/here – waiting to be noticed.  I recognized the deep Silence and took a deep breath.  After basking in the Silence for some time noticings and words flowed – as they always do at the window…

Crickets chirp a slow, subdued rhythm tonight.
 A short, gentle rain shower abruptly passes through
 in a simple wave of sound and movement.
It catches my curiosity for the ways of Life.
 Raindrops plop on the broad leaves of the neighbor’s garden,
as if fairy folk were at play.
A car passes through the neighborhood delivering morning papers,
headlights and sound stirring the darkness,
while the night still sleeps.
  The cool night air, the smell of moisture,
 and the feel of my breath fills my nostrils.
   The rhythm of the night, the steady, soothing pulse of Silence
 finally subdues this mind, body and heart…

At night life is sleeping and awake all at the same time.
Maybe we are too…

An occasional breeze wafts through the screen,
and touches my face, as if to say –
Hello - I remember you. 

I smile -
and silently reply,
I remember you too…

  The quiet is palpable, refreshing, comforting...
  Odd noises I cannot identify do not disturb this Silence.
 All sound at the window
Only the inner turmoil of a body-mind malfunctioning
 ringing through these ears attempts to drown out the Silence…
  But being at the window crumbles the constructs
about what is happening in this body
that keeps me from sleep…

I *love* the silence of the night.
  It allows me to be *awake* to Infinite Silence,
 to experience the Silent *Aliveness* of Life,
 more poignantly…
The Heart of The Infinite speaks
 more clearly at the window – at night.

A new perspective is born out of Silence…

Everything drops away into silent peace,
 into the stillness of the Heart,
 and I know all is well…
Entrained to a new rhythm,
no longer feeling out of sync.

I have found my “sanctuary” again,
the sanctuary of Silence
 where “The Beloved’s” pulse and mine
 and rest returns…

I have missed the heightened awareness of experiencing
 just this moment,
just this sound,
just this smell,
the infusion of Life
 at the window.

I have missed this rendezvous with Silence –
the intimacy with the Heart of “The Beloved” –
 that always “waits” in Silence…

I am immersed in Silence,
 wrapped in Quiet,
 comforted, consoled by “The Beloved’s”
 living Breath…

I am grateful for this sleepless night,
 to get to hear the music of Life,
 the Symphony of Silence once again,
that only stillness can hear.

I forget -
 this opening,
 this portal,
 this window,
of Silence
that lies
beyond the veils and shadows of life,
 where the simple rhythm of Life lives
 at the pleasure of “The Beloved”
 who plays all the chords and all the notes of the symphony….
 In Silence…

 My body begins to find the rhythm - recognizing the symphony…

Amazing how a simple window can change perspective…

Mystic Meandering
Meditative Writings
Aug. 23, 2012

Note: “The Beloved” here refers to Pure Awareness,
Pure Beingness, Pure Consciousness,
which is the Source and Ground of all Life.


  1. love the photo, you have a gift for this contemplative photography! and the words, I felt I was there with you.

    That sense of being alone, I find quite delicious and the night is such a time of silence and the darkness as you describe it can be enveloping. You make it all sound so inviting and resorative.

    David Whyte has a lovely poem which you remind me of, called Dark or Darkness.

    1. Thank you Carole :) Yes, this silence at night at the window is definitely delicious :) I love resting in that solitude. I'll check out that poem. I love his poetry. Wishing you sweet biscuits and delicious moments of solitude. :)

  2. "A deep silence that is always there" just what i had begun to notice in this somewhat hurried life I am having now. Yesterday for instance, while i was sitting at my desk, i just stopped doing everything and just looked and I was so grateful for being drawn into the silence that was ALL around me. Lovely, lovely poem!

    1. I know, isn't it wonderful to wake up and realize it is just there! I notice it more at the window at night. It is so rich and pungent then... Will have to try to get more window time :) Thank you Aarathi!

  3. Silence is a special place when you truly settle into it, when thoughts arise spontaneously from that place they are always peaceful, as you say this is the connection with Spirit, Source. Your image enhances the words. Thank you for this post. x

    1. Yes, that is true, it is a special space of connection, of insight, of seeing what is truly here. And thank you for your lovely comment :)

  4. "But being at the window crumbles the constructs
    about what is happening in this body
    that keeps me from sleep…"


    i'm a fulltime insomniac. and i look out the window during the night when i remind myself to. it is so much sweeter than tossing and turning.
    i try to see these wakeful hours as gifts.
    i try.

    1. Thank you Monica! A pleasure to have you here. Ah a fellow insomniac... It is hard I know, am having a flare up of Adrenal Fatigue which unfortunately creates this. But "window sitting" is a wonderful balm for the soul, no matter what the body is doing - lol. I am still wasted the next day.

      I *love* your blog - ink and chai - you are a gifted photographer!

    2. totally forgot to say this was a lovely photograph, it completely captures the contemplative mood. i'm forever NOT capturing that of windows they have me stumped for some reason... lol


      i'm challenged with adrenal fatigue. what a coincidence. i don't hear it mentioned often, well, possibly never on blogs/comments.

    3. Monica, you are way too kind... But thank you! :) There is someone on blog that is going through an acute phase of AF. He isn't blogging at the moment, but sent me a bunch of resources, including another blogger who is in recovery. I will email you and send you the info, later after my nap :) lol

    4. I'm also interested in studying up on what you call adrenal fatigue.

    5. I just got back from an evening with my mother and sister or I would have responded sooner. I will send you an email with the links too :)

  5. Beautiful, all, and I especially paused at: "being at the window crumbles the constructs
    about what is happening in this body."

    Thank you for this written experience of Silence.

  6. Have to run, Dear Christine but wanted to thank you for such a beautiful reminder. "All sound at the window soothes…" ~~ That's because it comes 'thru' the Window of your Heart.

    1. Oooo, yes, thank you for that - "because it comes through the Heart Window"! Lovely... The unfiltered, undisturbed Heart of Being... xo :)

  7. Beautiful. Your words capture the mystery of a wonderful moment. I agree with Carole, it felt like I was there with you.