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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

From Fear To Stillness...

Yesterday I was perusing the internet with its plethora of “spiritual teachers” looking for YouTube videos that might give me insight on this deep-seated anxiety that I’ve been experiencing…  I don’t know what made me look up Mooji, as I sometimes do– a big gentle Jamaican (www.mooji.org).  There were several videos with the word “fear” in the title.  I picked two.  I found Truth in his words, bringing me back to the Truth in myself.  Sometimes that’s all it takes, someone to point you back to the Truth of your Self – your True Nature.

The following words are excerpts from the two videos.  I have put Mooji's words in poetic form, but they are not meant to be a poem.

“The mind fears…

What is the message in the fear?
Find the message in the fear…

Fear empties itself as soon as there is revelation…

YOU (the True Self) *are* before the movement of fear that arises…
Realize your Self that is before time, before phenomenon…

Wake up to the recognition of your Eternal Self.

[That is] the Awareness in which fear occurs.

Just keep quiet.

Don’t identify the reactions and interactions,
just *feel* your Existence


let the fear burn off…

Identify the Presence that sees,
and stay with this Presence,
and you’ll come to a place of
complete [internal] Stillness…

There is Stillness in that space of fear…

When fear is met
what expands is a sense of spaciousness…

There is an intuitive sense that you and the spaciousness
of Stillness are one.
There *is* no separation…

In this place your mind of fear will not have much power
because you’re in your
Natural State of Awareness…”

I have a long way to go on this adventure of meeting this life-long anxiety and its message, but I am committed to the journey.  As Mooji has also said – “Stay in the Heart.  Only keep your eyes on ‘The Beloved’” – meaning the inner spaciousness of Stillness, Awareness, Self, or Buddha Nature, or Christ Consciousness – however you know that to be.  Home…

These are the links for Mooji’s videos.

There are of course many other “teachers” with videos and books who address such issues.
It just happened that I found these…


  1. This is so brilliant Christine. I feel like one of my lessons too is to understand and uncover my anxiety and move beyond it, a life long journey. This poem is SO much in line with what I need. Moving into spaciousness is what I will for myself...

    1. Thank you for coming by and leaving your comment Aarathi! Yes, always bringing our awareness back to the Presence that is always Here - beyond the cage of mental fear...

  2. Expressed so well! We are not all the disturbances that trouble us, but it is so hard for us to see that in the mundane world. We have strengthened this identification in this lifetime and many more. Now we just need to strengthen these truths that you express. Yes, to keep turning in this direction.

    I have several friends who love Mooji!

    1. Hello Carole! Well I can't take credit here as they are Mooji's words :) But am glad they spoke to you. Suddenly I am resonating with Mooji. Amazing how that happens - when the student is ready type thing I guess. So true - to see where we are identified and keep turning in the direction of our True Nature until that becomes our reality. Thanks!

  3. Christine, while reading your post I couldn't help but think of how Ayurveda addresses fear and anxiety - it is a mental attribute of Vata (ether and air) whereas in the physical body Vata is responsible for all movement (in a nutshell). Looking at it this way helps to further remove the "you" from the anxiety as in "It's not you feeling anxious it is your Vata dosha!" And yes there are both dietary and lifestyle recommendations for soothing it...

    1. Thanks Uma! :) I would be interested in the dietary and especially lifestyle changes... I'll email you later :)

  4. It's comforting to remember, even in the midst of chaos, that Stillness is permanently there, closer to us than our breath. If I could only remember to remember ... :)

    1. And your words are comforting as well! Me too on the "remembering" ;) Heart remembering ~ ~ ~

  5. "let the fear burn off…" This and many other great lines to think on here, thanks to Mooji and you Christine. I have been in a blue place this week, so seeing this was a great reminder on how to come out of a darkening place and discover the deeper truths. Breathe...breathe... :o) ((HUGS))

    1. There's a lot going on underneath the surface it seems... Sometimes we just have to embrace the darkness too and see what is *in* the darkness, as Mooji says, to find the message (deeper truths) *in* it, and see that the darkness and Stillness are really one - two sides of the same coin, an intimate embrace... In the embrace it collapses... That's a good reminder for me too. I tend to want to try to get away from these types of feelings. Thich Nhat Hanh says to treat them with compassion, like little children. Yes, and just breathe :)

  6. dont identify the reactions. i have had times of fear in the past week, esp Saturday just overwhelmed with it. thank you for the link to mooji. i will check him out and try to maintain stillness.

    1. Dear Suki, I know, it can be tough when the fear arises intensely. I get overwhelmed too. It is challenging to remember that we are more than our fear... I think Mooji may have said "don't identify *with* the reactions. I may have transcribed it wrong. I'd have to go back and listen again... But I think that's what he was getting at - do't identify *with* the fear, but look beyond the fear to the Presence that is there, and from there meet the fear... Love, Christine


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