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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


This is actually the very first painting I did for the Bloom True art class I did back in September. I just love this painting for some reason; its rawness and its warmth.  It literally emerged on its own – coming unexpectedly into existence. There was no crafting of it – just an allowing.  It formed itself through the movement of my hands and the free flow of paint and glazing medium over canvas.  Paint was also dropped onto the canvas in droplets, and a surprising oozing, melding, merging affect occurred as the background colors unexpectedly slid down the canvas when I sprayed the droplets of paint with water that also formed these pedestal-looking prongs that actually have little fingers reaching....  Unfortunately the photo doesn’t capture the accurate color, or the detail.  I adjusted the color to come as close as possible, but overall it is a deeper, richer orange, earth tone, and the color seems to change depending on the light.

I love to contemplate this piece.  It speaks to me. It soothes my spirit.  So I have been sitting with it all these months allowing it to speak.   I think it is the primordial look that draws me in to it – into its unknown worlds…  Reminding me of those hidden, inner spaces within myself that have yet to emerge…

It speaks to me of a primal landscape of life, life rising/emerging from the primal womb of Life; the formless taking form;  maybe even parallel realities - life hidden within Life…  And distant moons beckoning…

The unseen emerging out of the mud, little fingers extending –
 reaching for the Unknown…

I noticed a tree that emerged out of the background as well,
and I put Fall leaves on it. J

And I added just one little jewel – a Citrine – like the Jewel in the Lotus,
calling us Home…

Om Mani Padme Hum…


The Primordial Womb of Stillness
is the spacious Womb of Silence
in which everything exists
and has being…

It is the felt experience of Home
~ our Beingness ~
the ever-present Awareness,
our Natural State

The Source
of all life…

It *is* Life ItSelf…

from which there is
no separation…

Everything is suspended in
this Womb of Awareness

Fall back into Its Embrace…

You are Home…

Just Trust
Just Love
Just Be

Primordial Womb of Stillness Poem
Mystic Meandering
© March 21, 2011


  1. Wow. This is absolutely beautiful. Haunting. It draws out so many feelings. I have to say it again. Wow.

    1. Thank you so much David! Yes, it does draw out a lot, which is why I have been sitting with it for a while. Glad you like it...

  2. This artwork is really beautiful, as are your words, they are peaceful and comforting.

    Namaste Sue x

    1. Thank you dear Sue... I appreciate your words as well. Hope you are feeling better!

  3. LOVE the addition of that tiny jewel, Christine! The colors of this one are wonderful--the warmth embracing. And I love how the "drips" seems to reach down and up at the same time. This has such an overall very contemplative quality. Much to meditate on life, embracing possibilities, growing, expansion, finding one's place--all the BIG things in life! Wonderful to see more from your Bloom True weeks of work. WOW! Happy Day ((HUGS))

    1. Thank you Tracy! And fellow Bloomer :) Yeah, even though the "drips" dripped down, they give the illusion of rising/growing out of the mud. And it is a *wonderful* contemplative piece for me. I just couldn't put more layers on top of this one! It spoke so clearly that it didn't want anything else, except of course the tree and the jewel... Glad you enjoyed your trip to the US recently...

  4. yes! primordial is just what i felt too.

    "Primordial Womb of Stillness"

    that makes me feel both claustrophobic and yearning. i suppose that's the paradox of birth - we need to leave the womb, we remain forever needing nurturing.

    1. i HAVE to ask you something about this painting.... soonish....

    2. The "Primordial Womb" is just this great Vastness of Silent Awareness in which everything appears. It's not actually an enclosed space - which I think you know. :) But is the ever-present Presence that "holds" everything, and out of which everything emerges... I experience it as a delightful space of rhythmic Silence - that isn't silent - like the OM of creation - not suffocating at all, more like riding the wave of the Vast Ocean But as usual, words and images limit and constrain it... We *are* forever nurtured in this Vastness of Being (the Womb)...

      Okay-ish :) I'll be looking for your email :) lol

  5. I especially love the orange close up, exotic blooms from a warm place! I love this idea of "allowing" as opposed to creating.

    Happy painting!

    1. Welllll... it's not really *that* orange - more muted. It was hard getting true color with my little camera... Thanks! :)

  6. I have been on hiatus from reading online when suddenly I realized that I MUST visit you! I've been missing your soulfulness and am happy to find you so beautifully PRESENT. Thanks, Christine!

    1. Why, thank you Ms. Chris :) Glad to have you along.

  7. "Just Trust
    Just Love
    Just Be" -- Just Beautiful
    Thank you Dear Christine...xo

    1. Thank you Dear Leslie. :) Now if I could just remember that! lol

  8. exquisite Christine... both your painting and your poetry. Thank you:-)


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