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Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Infinite Sanctuary of Silence...

Being pulled inward
by the oceanic Sacred Silence within,
the Infinite Sanctuary of Silence,
you feel something deeply stirring,

You know you must pay attention;
that you must be still and listen.

You sense the space of Essential Quietness
where everything just stops.
all mental agitation,
all emotional reactivism,
all verbalization of thought…
There is only the deepening language
of Silence;
a holy enclave of silent repose.
with no need for outward expression.

You recognize the spacious Stillness of pure Beingness.
You hear Its silent call…

The deep abode of inherent silent Awareness
invites you deeper,
 where Life just IS;
a deeper Reality,
out of which “daily reality” arises.

You experience an all pervasive Silence here,
 absorbing you in its quintessence;
the Sanctuary of the Sacred Rhythm of Life,
 the Primordial Womb

Pure Silence...
Pure Peace...

At rest...


©Mystic Meandering

Photo: Snow against window pain from the inside
photo flipped upside down…


  1. Thank you for your explanation of 'home', sounds wonderful. I sometimes get a glimpse of home myself but the path is less travelled than yours, it's my monkey mind companion keeps popping in for a chats! I keep giving him the hint there's a time and place for everything but he's thick skinned and just keeps sitting at the table! ;~)
    Keep up the good work.

    Hugs x

    1. I know you have experienced this space in your yoga practice :) And monkey mind is still there for me as well. It's just that in this space of deep Silence I'm less apt to follow it; am aware of it doing its thing - but don't care. As you say, it's always sitting at the table :). This morning I awoke and the mind mechanism was just churning away - already! :) Hugs back!

  2. This really spoke to me, Christine! While sick with the flu lately, I reached a point where I just had to stop--to rest, to try abd get better. I was resisting. "NO, I'm not sick... don't have time to be sick!"...and all that...LOL! It was actually a very good thing though--being forced to slow down. To get in touch again more deeply with my inner sacred silence. So much was speaking to me in that silence... I'm still piecing it all together. I felt that that is where my true self really was--in the rich, beautiful stillness & silence. You said it so well at the end... I was truly resting, and at home. :o) LOVE the photo... Happy Days ((HUGS))

    1. I know, illness does that for us :) We just have to stop. I love that space, it *does* speak, if we only listen. I need to spend more time there - daily... I experience the "True Self" there as well, or as the Buddhists call it, the Buddha Nature. This writing (above) actually came out of not feeling well physically yesterday myself, and not having had much sleep the night before. And yet, there was this incredible presence of peace and Silence within that I only needed to be aware of - to rest in. Glad you had a chance to experience it! It's incredible.:) Hugs...

  3. a lovely meditation on silence. silence is so essential for my being. and sometimes much unappreciated.

    tracy sometimes i think our bodies get "sick" just because they want us to slow down, to bring us inward, to experience ourselves in a way we often overlook.

    1. Thanks Suki. Yes, the deep Silence within, as well as the stillness of just being silent... So true what you say about illness slowing us down so we can turn inward and experience the depth of Silence... Thanks :)

  4. Lovely poem - like taking a big deep relaxing breath!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, David... :) This is usually what happens on the cushion. I found your post today quite interesting having been raised a Christian, and then turning to other forms of spirituality.


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