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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Go Deeper...

You have to become more interested in the silent background
than in the foreground of phenomena;
thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences…. etc.

Most people are focused on the forground…
but the Self is discovered in the background.
The Self is the source from which the phenomena spring
and the ground in which this display of phenomena
is happening…

When you rest in the background,
you can taste your Self.

You just give yourself up to it.


You must want to know your Self more than anything…

Discovering your Self beyond all concepts,
what remains is Infinity in all directions….
our true nature….

Learn to be quiet inside,
allowing the entire Cosmos to
effortlessly express Itself…

Sally Ross

Go deeper
Past thoughts into silence.
Past silence into stillness.
Past stillness into the heart.
Let Love consume all that is left of you.



Bottom Photo:
Bottom of a cup of tea


  1. Thank you Christine, your image demonstrates your words perfectly, I get the idea of the still background against the heave of activity in the foreground...
    Your words are motivational too, inspiring one to 'Go Deeper' into the stillness after a cup of tea...x

  2. Just what I needed to read today and thank you so much!


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