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Monday, October 7, 2013

The Journey of a Lifetime...

The Journey of a Lifetime
© Paula Finn
Blue Mountain Arts, Inc.

“You’re on the journey of a lifetime…
A journey no one else will travel
and no one else can judge -
a path of happiness and hurt,
where the challenges are great
and the rewards even greater…

You’re on a journey where each experience
will teach you something valuable
and you can’t get lost,
for you already know the way by heart.

You’re on a journey that is universal
Yet uniquely personal, and profound
yet astonishly simple ~
where sometimes you will stumble
and other times you will soar.

You’ll learn that even at your darkest point,
you can find a light – if you look for it.
At the most difficult crossroad,
you’ll have an answer – if you listen for it.

Friends and family will accompany you
part of the way,
and you’ll walk the rest by yourself…
but you will never be alone.

Travel at your own pace,
There’ll be time enough to learn all you need to know
and go as far as you’re meant to go.
Travel light.
Letting go of extra baggage will keep your arms open
and your heart free to fully embrace the gifts
of the moment.

You may not always know exactly where your’re headed,
but if you follow the desires of your heart,
the integrity of your conscience,
and the wisdom of your soul…
then each step you take will lead you to discover
more of who you really are…”

© Paula Finn


  1. "Travel at your own pace,
    There’ll be time enough to learn all you need to know
    and go as far as you’re meant to go."

    Oh, I needed ALL the reminders included in this poem, but this one particularly helped ease my continuing sense of URGENCY.

    Thanks for posting this, Christine.

    1. Glad it resonated - fellow traveler :) Hugs for the journey :)

  2. Love "travel light." wonderful thoughts here. thanks. Suki

  3. Oooohhh! Love this! Another perfect poem for this week. Gee, at this rate I may need to stand up and give a poetry reading ; )