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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Perfect Pulsing Silence...

This piece below was written during a practice I call
 “Window Sitting”
 when I sat at an open window late at night in silence,
 experiencing the "Rhythm of Silence"

that permeates all Nature; just being aware, just noticing -
just listening to the sounds of Silence,
experiencing the smells and feel of Nature
 out the open window -
 writing in the dark of night, or sometimes in moonlight,
at the window sill…

May we all find The Rhythm of Silence
in these hectic times ~ ~ ~

Perfect Pulsing Silence

Perfect pulsing Silence
Utter Stillness
Breath-giving Life.

This is what I come to the window for ~
to sit in utter and complete Silence – the pulse of Life;
to smell, feel and sense Silence;
to feel its Aliveness,
to hear Its Song…

Sitting in the silence of
not “knowing” puts one in a place of really listening,
with no agenda or expectation,
leaving the space open for Silence to speak,
to calm the mind and
sing Its song to the heart…

I listen deeply for the song of Silence…

A breeze touches my arm gently,
feels cool,
smells refreshing,
inviting me to be aware…

I gaze inward
to the Silence within,
that is mirrored out the window,
in the silence of the night.
It’s all the same Silence…

The Rhythm of Silence begins ~

I sit back in the chair
listening to the pulsing Silence
within and without,
feeling Its familiar Rhythm
feeling the dance of intimacy begin again…

Nothing disturbs IT
Nothing disturbs the depth of IT
Nothing prevents Its song
from being sung ~

In this intimate Silence I am reminded that
everything occurs within The Silence;
all life, all breath, all death, all movement
occurs within this vast space of Silent Awareness
that we are…

In The Silence of awareness
I know that everything is living according to ITs
natural order ~ is following ITs natural order,
including this life I call mine…
All life is being lived
by the hush of the Mystery…

All is the pulse of Silence ~
The pulse of Life ~

Mystic Meandering
Meditative Writings
May 2011



  1. Have a peaceful day! I am grateful for your friendship!

    1. Thank you Uma! And I am grateful for our friendship too! :) Pulsing with the Rhythm of Silence ~ Heart to Heart...

  2. Image and words sit side by side perfect 'pulsing' partners. x

  3. For some children, "time out" or "quiet time" is not felt as a punishment but more of a welcome relief.


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