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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Whispers of Light...

“There is a whisper,
but it’s louder than the wind.
It calls to us, ‘Come Home.
The story is over,
the pages are worn thin,
Come Home.’

It’s like a chant
a sacred OM
underlying all else.

It requires not doing anything,
or going anywhere,
or becoming anything.

If only we see that we are this
whispering sound,
all else will dissolve
into peace…”

Raphael Stoneman
Advaita Poet


"Make everything in you an ear,
each atom of your being
and you will hear
at every moment
what the Source
is whispering
to you...

'You are the beloved of
The Beloved...'

in every moment
in every event of your life,
The Beloved
is whispering to you
exactly what you need
to hear and know..." 



“In reality only the Ultimate is…
What is real is nameless and formless,
just pure energy of life and light,
of Consciousness…”

Advaita Vedanta Teacher


"The eternal is indeed at home within us;
arises from the depths of Silence...
As soon as we stop struggling

 against life
we discover the stillness that is
perpetually present.

It is the Timeless
 dancing as time..."

Dorothy Hunt
Zen Buddhist Teacher


  1. "If only we see that we are this
    whispering sound,
    all else will dissolve
    into peace…” I must meditate on this today... Thank you, as always Christine for the wisdom-sharing here. :o) ((HUGS))

  2. Especially in these darkening days leading to the winter solstice we need to remember to focus on what is Light.


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