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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Photo Essay: The Cycle of Change...



 comes full circle…
Nothing really dies…
The Eternal is always here
in the ordinary,
perpetually present…
It only changes form,
changing expression
of the Light

 kindling ItSelf

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  1. I do love photo essays, this one is perfect, I feel so close through the ordinary or not so ordinary whichever way you look at it, and the words so comforting....

    Thank you. x

    1. Thanks Sue... It was one of those point and shoot kinda days :) lol Trying to capture the idea of the eternal essence in the ordinary, as well as the cycles of change...

  2. Such pretty golden leaves...though we are NOT missing raking here in NM! Or having everything around us suddenly look dead and bare. I hope you have plenty of evergreens there to balance it all out. We were on the same wavelength this week I think. : )

    1. Yes, beautiful golden this year! Trying to capture the sunlight hitting them. B has already raked the yard 3 times! And will probably have one more sweep to go, as some of those leaves are still hanging on for dear life :) Yes, we have a beautiful Spruce in our backyard, and each neighbor has one on either side of us, although I really don't mind the bare trees. They have a beauty all their own... Yes, we are humming together - always :)


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