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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Everything Is Deeply Okay..."

I awoke this morning to a 2 inch dusting of snow and joy in my heart. I ran outside to quickly snap these photos (the first two have been color inverted digitally). However, I was not joyful because of the snow and crisp winter morning air, but because I fell asleep and awoke finding myself repeating the phrase – “Everything is deeply okay” – and knew it in my bones.  I *felt* it deep in my Heart of Hearts that no matter how life *appears* on the surface, everything *is* deeply okay.  On a much larger level than just our little existence here, it is Cosmically okay, when seen from the Cosmic view of Reality.  How I *know* this, I don’t really know, except that I read it in Jeff Foster’s book – The Deepest Acceptance last year. J LOL… (which I wrote about here.)  Seriously - that’s not really why either, although it planted a seed.  We can’t just read it in a book.  It has to become a *felt experience* with life…  And it is, gradually becoming my *experience* – a way of *seeing* – little by little, day by day – well some days that is – yesterday the view was not so "cosmic." J

Despite the intensities of life and living, and believe me there are many at the moment, there is a lightness of Heart breaking through the fog here, a letting go of the personal drama orientation to life – hopefully - at least for today J  Mostly there is more awareness that it is the mind, my thoughts *about* what is happening, that creates my mental suffering, the *thinking* that there is something “wrong” with the way life is playing itself out here, that life should be different than it is, and that I need to *do* something to make it fit my idea of what it needs to be. Like digitally enhancing a photo. :)  Instead there appears to be a collapse occurring.  Those mental structures, beliefs, and concepts that life must fit my image of what I *believe* it should be are collapsing, to a degree.   And, a realization yesterday that I am still trying to hold onto those beliefs about life that keep me tied to those mental structures and ego constructs that filter my perceptions of the way things really are, and *its* deep “okayness.”    

Shall we Dance :)


“*You* don’t have to be okay with anything.  It’s not about the me-person being okay.  It’s that everything is *already* embraced by *Life* ItSelf.  It is a cosmic okayness that goes beyond ‘I’m okay’, and ‘I’m not okay.’  We are totally free to respond to life experience in authentic, honest, human ways.  We are free not to like our experiences, and - on a deeper level to experience a total, all-encompassing okayness with the entire situation.  Underneath everything is a cosmic okayness.  It’s not about telling yourself that you’re okay when you are not.  It’s not about pretending to be okay, trying to be spiritual, trying to be peaceful.  You don’t have to be anything other than you are in the moment.  It’s about radical honesty.  It’s about seeing reality as it is, acknowledging it, and discovering that the situation is fully admitted into Life – already.  There is simply Life, in all its mystery, wonder, and timeless simplicity.  And in this recognition the illusion of separation between us and Life falls away, and we are no longer at odds with life as it is.”

Jeff Foster
From: The Deepest Acceptance


“The treasure of deep Being is buried under the rubble of personality…”

Coleman Barks
The Soul of Rumi


The first two photos are color inverted.
It makes them look more magical :)


  1. I'm so in-tune with all that you express, it seems like we shuffle slowly forward and sometimes with a big jump! The things is the feeling of "okayness" keeps bobbing to the surface and sometimes we wake up with it and this feeling is so wonderful, then it can subside for awhile which too is okay...!

    I feel we are both on the same track...:~)xxx!

    1. Thanks Sue... Yes, most definitely all our feelings and emotions fluctuate and change, even joy. We just keep bringing ourselves back that place of Presence or Inner Being, that "cosmic space" *in* which our lives occur - that never changes :)

  2. Yes.

    My friend has told me about Jeff Foster, and I've loved what I've read of his.

    Same friend shared this from Osho this morning: "This is what enlightenment is all about - a deep understanding that there is no problem." I simply love it, and accept it, and what you have written here.

    With joy! Though I don't always feel it.

    Are you familiar with Carolyn Baker, and her "Collapsing Consciously" book and all? I have purchased it and the one with daily readings, finding them beautiful and helpful.

    1. Thank you Ruth... I don't *usually* feel the joy either! Which is why I think it was such a surprise! :) Thank you for the Osho quote as well. I am not familiar with the book you mention, but will definitely look into it! Thanks!

  3. GORGEOUS images, Christine! We're knee-deep in snow here! ;o) "We can’t just read it in a book. It has to become a *felt experience* with life"...So very true. I read so much good stuff all the time, and it all makes sense... but until I feel it, experience and know it for myself, it's all just good words, isn't it? Embracing what is, the moment as it is, is big stuff, I think. That OK feeling feels huge sometimes, and is comforting like a quilt in winter. Such moments give us hope, I think...which, I'm discovering, is a very OK think. ;o) ((HUGS))

    1. Thanks Tracy :) We got another 2-3 inches last night and they are predicting more! :) Yahoo - our winter is *finally* starting! LOL - with Imbolc on the doorstep. Our big snow months are March and April... That's how it is here. Enjoy!


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