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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thrive in Sacred Silence...

The Sacred Silence of the night calls to me in the hours between 12mn and 1am – when the noise of life has settled.  It beckons me to the window to sit – in a kind of mystical communion with “the Divine” *through* the open window – a metaphorical opening to a larger Reality – that brings awareness of a larger Reality and shifts my paradigm while breathing in unison with the Breath of Life that breathes me - *aware* of a Sacred Presence.

My *Being* craves this Sacred Silence, as if craving ItSelf.  It is the same Sacred Silence that is within all things; the deep Rhythm of Silence that permeates all life.  And so I sit at the open window allowing myself to be breathed, to be touched by Silence, to be known by Silence…  The air is still – no sounds – no breeze – so quiet, only the smells of the night.  But the earth is not sleeping, it is alive with Sacred Silence!

In my experience there are “layers” of Silence that blend and merge (for lack of better words to describe what I experience).  Sacred Silence is not the same as being silent, or still, or the silence of doing quiet things that quiets the mind into stillness, even though these can become portals to a deeper awareness of Sacred Silence. Time in silence or stillness everyday without agenda is very therapeutic, clearing the mind and energy field.  But there is a deeper layer, a deeper space of Silence that brings awareness of the Sacred, and a direct experience of the Rhythm of that Silence that fills us, that feeds us, that nourishes one’s Being – and - is recognized *as* one’s very Being – one’s Divine Nature…

The Sacred Silence is my sanctuary, my sabbatical, and my sanity - the place where I lose my sense of self/me – my persona, my roles, my self-identities, my mind meanderings - and become truly Aware of what is really occupying this space called “me.”  I *need* this deep Sacred Silence to *thrive.*  In the deep Silence I can *hear* the silent voice of the Cosmos whispering in the night - instead of the “noise” of the requirements of daily life driving me…  At the window the veil opens to reveal a communion with The Sacred that is already taking place…  All I need do is show up – and surrender into “The Silence…”


  1. All I need to do is show up. A very comforting reminder. Even in the midst of incessant mental chatter, the silence is still there. Glad you posted this Christine!

    1. The same old theme I keep writing about but never tire of. :) My favorite topic actually. Yes, how comforting to know that IT is always here,,, Thanks David!

  2. Layers of silence... oh, yes! So many qualities to silence and stillness. Each so subtle. Just allowing ourselves to be that still, that silent to hear everything... that's always the hardest part. ;o) Beautiful post, Christine... ((HEART-HUGS))

  3. This is profound and beautiful...and familiar. Sacred Silence for me is often a soundless voice that manifests as a poem. I am awakened by this voice between 2 and 3 a.m. and must get up and write or draw the words, image or symbol. Maybe it's not the same experience of which you speak, but as you describe it, it feels the same. <3

    1. Thank you Susan :) Yes, it sounds very similar. Often in the deepest Silence the words just spill out onto the page in the form of a poem for me as well. Or, sometimes it feels as if I am compelled to write - as if taking dictation, writing in the dark at the window sill. In either case, I am aware of a deep "connection" to this sacred space of Silence and that something very deep is taking place. And I can always tell which of my writings has come from this deeper space of Silence and what hasn't. It has a different feel to it. Lately I haven't been spending nearly as much time in deep Silence at the window as I used to, and I can tell. It affects the rest of my life!


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