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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Oriah, Mooji, Foster & No Mind's Land...

“The blessing of a new year is the reminder that we can begin again and again –
 not just in January, but whenever we need to, with each dawn, each breath.
  Some days I begin again dozens or hundreds of times.
  We will all inevitably at times become distracted and weary.
  We will wander from the clarity of knowing that is beyond articulation and understanding,
 the moments of sitting in the center of what we are
 and why we are here,
 the awareness that is rooted in Love.

Often it is the deep longing to reach for the Beloved within and around me that helped me begin again.
  But sometimes I lose even this, cannot find the end of the thread of that longing that will take me home
 to the Infinite Love I have tasted in moments of grace.
  And then I find, to my astonishment, that even this lack, this loss of feeling and faith,
 when willingly experienced fully,
 can make me available to the longing that guides me home…”

Copyright 2015

“Let the untrue be exposed and thoroughly burned.
Let whatever is untrue [be burned up] as it is recognized as false.

Wake up to the recognition of your Eternal Self.

Stay in the Heart.
Keep your eyes on
’The Beloved’

Your world may feel like it is being turned upside down.
Do not be disheartened…
It is your good fortune that your ‘world’ is being crushed.
Let your [world] be upside down so that what is true can
 reveal itself and begin unfolding

 in its authentic expression as True Life and Being.

Grace is helping you in every way.
Trust it…”

(Above photo:  Zoom blur of a fire in our fireplace J)

“May you speak your deepest truth,
following nothing and nobody
but your own unique path
with some kind of crazy conviction
and an ancient courage
that emanates from beyond

Be willing to stumble sometimes,
to fail, to fall,
to not know,
to sometimes walk blindly
into the night,
to love without fear,
and to love fear
if and when it arises…”

(Above photo taken by my father circa 1952/53)


Let me to introduce you to Michel Bellegarde over at

Michel has a wonderful blog site full of inspirations and resources
from Krishnamurti to Rumi, and everything in between: sages, mystics, scholars…
  It is where I found Chuck Surface.

Michele creates his own inspirational You Tube videos as well, some of which can be viewed
on his blogsite.  He posts inspiring quotes and poems from various authors and poets,
including myself. 

Visit No Mind’s Land and let your Spirit Play! 


  1. Dear heart, words to bathe my discomforted soul this morning, thank you for your presence here....x

    1. And thank *you* for your loving Presence here :) Actually I love your phrase: "discomforted soul" - am feeling that too... lots of unsettledness...

  2. Thank you for this good, nourishing soul-sustenance, Christine... :o) ((HEART-HUGS))

    1. Thank you for your kind words Tracy :) - and Hugs :) Hugs back...

  3. Thank you so much....Deepest gratitude....♡

    1. You are most welcome, Michel! Am still working my way through all your wonderful offerings. :)


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