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Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Call to Silence...

Stepping over the threshold of another year (in time only J) I am feeling a call to Inner Silence even more strongly than usual - for the past few days especially, but even before that…  It is a call to Meditative Silence, a deep Cosmic kind of Silence that is the ground of our Being that permeates us all – and connects us all.  Spending time in deep Silence opens all the “channels” within to a deeper awareness of the Eternal Beingness that we all are…

I have not been honoring this call to Meditative Silence in the past year as much as I need to, living mostly on the surface of life much of the time, driven by life’s demands.  So I am re-committing myself to the deeper Rhythm of the Great Ocean of Silence within.  An illness this last month has given me the opportunity.  I start the morning before rising with a breath meditation, breathing into the Hara/Lower Dantian, following the movement of the silent Chi that flows through my body. I feel its expansiveness and its strength as I lay there.   Then I rise, and schlep downstairs to my chair at the window, if I don’t get distracted by blogging, emails, hubby or house. J

I quietly sit, following the breath again, bringing awareness to a deeper space of Silence within, until I am aware of what is Aware in me – the pure Awareness that just IS.  Deep Silence opens this field of Awareness beyond form. It is from this deep space of Silence that all life, all creativity, all expressions of Being - including “longing” and this sense of “me”, arise – and is where the Truth of Existence lies…

I know that many who are committed to the Truth of Being are feeling it too – this call to Meditative Silence – this need to commit to something deeper in our selves and in our lives – to dedicate ourselves to the ground of Being, whether we call it Silence, God, Emptiness, Consciousness, Love, or Truth. 

A call to Silence is a call hOMe…

May we all have a year of transformative Silence in our Inner Sanctuaries…

Giving birth to an open Heart…

“Listen with your Chi
Be open
Open Awareness takes over
letting everything come and go,
letting Reality flow in…

Give up your attachment to your self -
the constructed self.
Surrender to the inevitable
movement of The Way…”

Edward Slingerland
Professor of Asian Studies
University of British Columbia

Top Photo:  This wintry scene was created from frost formed on
 the window pane that was covered on the inside with a piece o

vellum.  The vellum has stars embossed on it. 
It's snowing stars!
The shadow of the frosty image was projected onto the back
of the vellum against the window by the afternoon sun.
The “woods” in the background are actually streaks on the window! :)
You can also see what looks like a pond in the middle.
It’s magic!


  1. Beautiful images and peaceful words may they remain your stronghold over 2015...

    Hugs x

    1. So good to see you here Sue :) Thank you for your lovely words for 2015... And may you continue to be courageously creative as you move into new ways of being in the world... Heart Hugs

  2. Wonderful words and images! Wishing you many blessings this coming year!

    1. Thank you Patricia! :) And many blessings to you as well as you continue your wonderful contemplative photography! I have enjoyed those wonderfully creative photos of "the pond."


  3. Hi, Christine! Wishing you heart's content, dreams come true. creative fulfillment and much more in the New Year! I LOVE this line of yours--"A call to Silence is a call hOMe…"... Silence is the nature well-state of the heart, I think, and so that is home. Just LOVE your meditative corner, with lights... Oh, but you'll never guess... I'm reviving the blog. Yes, and I was away sooo long... LOL! I'm claiming a woman's prerogative, and more... What can I say?! Hoping to strike a better balance of things... Aren't we always? ;o) Blessings ((HUGS))

    1. Thanks Tracy :) Yes, I see that you are back to blogging! :) As you can see I couldn't stay away either. LOL Although will probably be posting less than before - as Spirit moves me. Welcome back :) Many blessings to you as well!


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