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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Infinite Light...

Infinite Light -
A vast, spontaneous eternal emanation of
endless, beginning-less Light,
outside of time…

A deep, vibrant energy of Light
that subsumes all life…

The orginal potentiality
for all that is…

It is the Light
that is beyond
all existence;
that *generates*
all existence.

Is Self-generative;
not creating in ITs image,
only generating ItSelf…

The Light that is beyond all “light…”

It is
Beingness ItSelf…

It is fully Knowing – Self-knowing…

And yet,
does not consider things like
awareness, or being, or knowing,
duality or non-duality…
It is beyond all such concepts.
It only IS.
The Light of Being – being Light…

Centrifugal Light,
always radiating
like a great pulse,
a hum,
a vibration
throughout infinity…

The Light that
never goes out,
never goes silent,
but continuously hums
with Life…

The Light that knows all “light”,
and all emanations of “light”,
as ITs Self…

Infinite Light…

Infinite Love…

Mystic Meandering
July 2011

Photo: Camera Flash reflected in window at night
zoom blurred


  1. an amazing meditation on light. i must say i have never thought about light before reading you post. not in this way. of course i love light and love rooms that are filled with light and love day time over night. but you express here so much that is almost inexpressible. most subtle. thank you.

    1. Thank you Suki :) Yes, what I was expressing back in 2011 :) is the Light that is beyond all "light" as we know "light" - the Original Light, if you will from before time and existence. Kind of like the original sound Aum even before Light. These are the things that come to me in the Silence of Meditation sometimes. Amazing to me too what comes out :)


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