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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Beyond Words - Wu Hsin & La Motte

Silence is the most powerful instruction.
It is the global solvent in which all doubts
and questions dissolve…
It is the Silence that is eloquent,
not my words…

The Silence speaks louder than any words….
Words consistently fail to express the Ineffable…
Words produce concepts…

…bask in Silence and in so doing
discern the deeper meaning…
do not attempt to understand…

Let the words pass through you,
piercing through the mind and
through the intellect,
and returning to their true Source…

Excerpt from
Behind the Mind:
The Short Discourses
of Wu Hsin

God’s native language is silence.
To meditate is to listen to God’s words of silence,
God’s breath of silence…

[Meditative Silence] is the deepest prayer,
the deepest conversation,
like the movement of waters in the ground
before they spring up into light.
Meditation is not a mute silence,
an empty silence,
but a silence filled with the juice of mutuality,
the flow of yearning and love.

There are tides in silence.
There are voices in silence.
There is giving and receiving.
But there are no words.

This is the Mystery of our union with God.

Fred La Motte

Photos: Sunrise
taken by hubby


  1. Think you'll like this.....

    In 'sitting in silence', there
    is no goal of attaining
    There is just the sitting
    in silence and recognizing
    to be the silence,
    and everything else to be
    a mental projection.
    If it doesn't exist, when
    you sitting in silence,
    then it doesn't actually
    If it doesn't exist when I'm
    not thinking about it,
    that means it doesn't exist,
    it cannot be ultimately real.

    ~ Adyashanti


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