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Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Same Yet Different...

Sitting at the window again…
Sinking deeply into
the peace of Stillness,
listening to the night,
I am aware

Every night at the window
is the same yet different.
The one constant is the Utter Stillness
that runs through everything…

It’s all the same Essence...
The same Stillness of Being…

I can rest in this…
 sitting in the dark,
at the window:
The Universal Silence of all things,
the Energy of Being that runs through all life,
expressing differently,
reflecting ItSelf in many expressions.
all “different”, yet all the “same” Life Energy…

But tomorrow the mind will feel separate again,
the mind will focus on differences,
instead of sameness;
instead of That which unifies:
the common thread of the Living Silence within…
”i” will have issues with “others”,
and “i” once again won’t recognize
the resonance within this
Universal Life
   that lives us…

”i” will forget that
it’s all the “same”, yet “different.”
Life living ItSelf in different forms…
And everyone expressing that Life

”i” will forget that
beyond the seeming “difference”
is the same Infinite, Resonant Vibration of Being,
even if it appears dissonant…

I will need to be ‘re-minded’ - that
Every expression is a manifestation of this Eternal Beingness ~
is a wave on the Ocean of Infinity; that
Every life form is The Formless…
and that…
This “me” experience is the reflection of that “I”,
the True "I"...
seen in the face of "other."

The same, yet different…

Mystic Meandering
Oct. 2010

Photo: Mandala Art
Image from Infinite Cosmic Waves Mandala


  1. thank you for your poetric musings. it is hard to remember this wisdom when in the midst of the day world. but even a now and then remembering is a lot. love the image at the top. hope you had or will have a lovely October birthday Mystic.

    1. Yes, it is - hard to remember -:) the mind gets in there mucking things up.. LOL Yes, I had a quiet birthday. Went for a walk with B, enjoying the quiet of nature. And I see that you spent some time at the Ocean on the Cape! Wonderful!

  2. Looks like you had your birthday recently..Well, i send you my best wishes....Health and Love ❤

    1. Yes, I did :) #66... Thank you for your well wishes!


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