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Friday, November 6, 2015

A Deeper Rhythm...

I’ve been hearing a deeper rhythm lately…
Composed of cello, viola and oboe.
I heard it when I was in the kitchen
cooking dinner one night,
a few weeks back,
and every other night after that
until recently
when the noise of my life
became too loud.

There was no music on the stereo,
just the sound of the meal cooking,
and the sounds of daily living
outside the window:
children playing,
dogs barking,
lawn mowers,
power saws,
and birds -

Underneath it all was a Rhythm
so melodious I could even hum it,
but I just listened, with wonder…
Where is this coming from -
this music -
this slow, deep, melodious rhythm,
drawing me in…

I didn’t even have to try to listen,
it was just there
soft – in the distance,
barely audible,
as if in another room,
through another door,
maybe even in another realm…

I knew somehow that my own life rhythm
 is hidden in this deeper Rhythm…
But I keep losing it,
drowned out by the
*noise* of living
other people’s
rhythms -
the external

But now I know it is there -
in an experiential way,
and I listen for it -
this deeper Rhythm,
that underlies
all rhythms..

The Rhythm behind the rhythm…

Mysteriously playing…

Mystic Meandering
Nov. 5, 2015


“The real music happens between the notes…”
Louis Armstrong


Photo: Mandala Art
Original: Winter’s Jewel Mandala
radially blurred


  1. Cello, viola and oboe - my absolute favourites! Lovely poem.

    1. Thank you Suzi. And welcome. I know, it was quite amazing actually. :)

  2. Beautiful...how I would love to hear those instruments playing, what a gift...shush the world out! x

  3. haunting. how lovely now to hear this deep soul rhythm

    1. Well it has disappeared actually... But was lovely while it lasted. :)


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