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Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Great Mother - The Tao - Lao Tzu

It was in the beginning.
It will remain forever.
It is impersonal, eternal,
immutable, omnipresent,
bodieless, immaterial.
It is nameless.
It is indestructible.
It is the first cause
from which all
take their origin
and all phenomena flow.

The great Tao
is all pervading.
All things depend on it for life.
It is the Mother of all...

It existed before the personal God.
It is the father of God.
It is the producer of God.
It is the originator of heaven and earth.
It is the mother of all things.

It is the sanctuary where all find refuge...

From the introduction to the translation
by Stephen Mitchel


The Tao is the Mother.
It is the mother of the Universe,
the Infinite,
born before the existence of
Heaven and Earth.


The Tao is called the Great Mother,
empty, yet inexhaustible.
It gives birth to infinite worlds.

It's always present in you.

Tao Te Ching

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