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Monday, August 1, 2016

The Universe is Sound - Fred LaMotte

The Universe is sound.
The subtle essence of light shines as sound.
Each star has a sound.
Every galaxy is a resolving chord,
the harmony of a trillion worlds.
We are each a unique resonance of
grace notes.

The atom of your body chimes.
Our subatomic counterpoint trembles
and dances over the scale of humanity,
and humanity's music co-mingles in the
cosmic chorus.

My heart is a receiver of your elegy,
and a transmitter of my own love song.
Inside the ribs of every man and woman,
the hollows of a well-carved instrument resonate,
softly playing notes
deeply personal,
yet pervading the universe.

With the vibrant sounds of our minds,
we contribute to the harmony of All,
or we grind out dissonance.

The day will come,
the day is here,
when you merely call
the Beloved's most secret name,
and the Beloved is with you,
nearer than this breath!

Fred LaMotte

(Fred's words, my format)


Om is the primordial word [sound].
All that is, was, or will be is Om.

Mandukya Upanishad


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