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Monday, November 21, 2016

In Troubled Times - Dive Deep...

In these turbulent political times of upheaval
on the surface of life,
we need to dive deep and refocus
on the depths of the Stillness of Being within,
where nothing is disturbed, nothing is harmed.;
moving beyond the politics of polarization,
no matter who we were for or against...
It doesn't matter now...

We need to find a deeper unitive place of Restful Presence within,
realizing that externally it's all just "The Mystery" playing itself out
in the construct of time - the Unmanifest in form.

In the Greater Context in which life takes place,
everything is allowed...
The world will go the way it goes -
life will continue to unfold the way it unfolds -
the light and the dark will continue to dance together -
in time-bound reality.
If we focus only on the divisive chaos we will
react out of the mind-created contractions of fear and ignorance;
the Henny Penny mind...

But the sky isn't falling - even metaphorically.
Because "the Sky" is the Formless Presence;
That which cannot be destroyed...
Our true "Home."

If we are able to experience the depths of this True Silence,
the Silence of The Everlasting Deep,
we can experience what's beyond the chaos and fear
- what holds the Cosmos together -
the enduring hum of the Universe within all form;
the Hush of the Mystery...

Grounded in The Rhythm of the Silence that sustains Existence
we Rest... in the True Heart of That which animates Life...

The True Timeless Heart of Reality...


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Nov. 13, 2016

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