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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What is Seeking? - Eric Baret

Seeking is an expression of truth, it's not a Way.
All the yoga practices are an expression of truth.
Yoga does not bring [us] to truth but truth expresses itself
through yoga.  Sadhana [spiritual practice] is an expression.
It is because you fore-feel Silence that your life becomes sadhana.
But to do sadhana, to reach Silence is the wrong way of thinking.
The very fact that you look for something is a proof you already feel it.
The very fact that you asked the question proves you know the answer
The answer is before the question.  You only ask a question because
you fore-feel the answer, or else you cannot ask the question.
So when you look for God, this looking comes from God directly.
It's [seeking] just an expression.  But the looking does not bring you to
 what you look for.  What you look for is behind you...
...you are not the finder of anything - the truth is in back of us,
not in front of us.  That's why it can never be reached, it can never
be understood...

Only listen towards Life itself...  Open yourself to what is really here...
Life is experienced in the body, viscerally, palpably, as vibration,
as energy...  The mind only functions with words...  But the thoughts
that come from the deep Silence, with words that come out from the
Depths, are also expressions of Life...
They come from the Silence to bring you back to Silence...

Open to experiencing without words...

Listen with your whole being...

Excerpted from a published interview with Eric Baret 2014
Eric Baret is a teacher of the Tantric Tradition

via: No Mind's Land


And so I dove Within,
Back... behind... before, ever deeper,
seeking the experience of Pure Being,
Before I knew anything of "myself."

Chuck Surface
Excerpt from: "Impossibly"

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