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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Eternal Longing - John O'Donohue

As a human our daily experience is riven with fracture and
 fragmentation.  We wander like a nomad from event to event,
 from person to person, unable to settle anywhere for too long.
  The day is a chase after ghost duties; at evening we are exhausted.
  A day is over, and so much of it wasted on things that meant so
 little, duties and meetings from which our heart was absent.
  Months and years pass, and we fumble on still incapable of
 finding a foothold on the path of time we walk.  A large
portion of our activity distracts us from remembering
 that we are a guest of the universe to whom on life has been
 given.  We mistake the insistent pressure of daily demands
 for reality and our more delicate intuitive nature wilts...

Our longing is numbed, and our belonging becomes merely
 external; an external attachment to people, places and things.
 Our way of life has so little to do with what we feel and love
 because of the many demands on us and responsibilities we have.
  We are dragged in so many directions away  from true belonging:

 the living and passionate intimacy with the soul. [Heart]

True belonging is not ownership.  True belonging comes from within,
from the harmony between the outer forms of belonging and the inner
 music of the soul.  We have forgotten the true depth and spiritual nature
 of intimate belonging.  We have become exiled from the intimacy of
 true unity with ourselves, each other and creation.  We have fallen out
 of rhythm with life. We need to rediscover ascetical tranquility
 [Silence].  It is our minds that make our lives so homeless...

There is a resonant heart in the depth of Silence that responds to our
 longing. When your true Heart speaks, the echo will return to assure
 you that every moment of your presence happens in the shelter of an
invisible circle. There is a divine restlessness in the human heart...
 This restlessness will never be  finally stilled by any person, project
 or place.  The Longing is eternal. All our longing is but an eternal
 echo of the Divine Longing...

Excerpt from Eternal Echoes
by John O'Donohue

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