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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Deep "I" - Tim Freke

How we experience life depends on how conscious we are.
When we only pay attention to the surface of life
we're only superficially awake.  But when we look deeper
we can become deep awake...

I'm conscious of being alive...
But what is life?
I am experiencing this moment,
but what is this moment?

See the world with curious eyes.
Become intensely aware that you exist...

I am the mysterious presence called "I" that is
experiencing a stream of experiences.

But what is this "I"?

The Deep I is Awareness...
It has no tangible form...

We connect with each other Deep I to Deep I
all the time.  We are the Presence of Awareness that
can't be seen.  We are the formless spirit connecting through form...
Deep I to Deep I

When we see that, we become deep awake...

Tim Freke
Excerpts from his video
"The Deep Awake Life"


Photo - Eye of God Mandala

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