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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Life is an Invitation - Misc.

To Love is to be vulnerably open
to everything as it is;
to chose to stay open
to life as it is...
to open to the Ineffable Love
that holds

Mystic Meandering
Journal Notes - 2012

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser;
erasing any of it would destroy
the total experience...

(a friend)

Every experience of life is an invitation
to awaken into an Awareness
of the
essential nature of Reality -
and who we really are...

Metta Zetty

(can you see the eyes in the window reflection
just under the leaves, looking down? :)

...you have forgotten
again and again
where you come from,
where you are meant to return...

Drop the distractions
and head home.
The door is open

Go in...

Deeper and deeper

...take refuge there...

This is not a time
of sorrow,
but of gratitude...

Mirabai Starr
excerpt from: Extravagant Stillness

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