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Saturday, February 24, 2018

"No More!"...

I heard the voice of a young child as I was waking from sleep one morning back in 2015.  It yelled - "No More!"  The voice came from inside.  How strange, I thought.  I wondered if this was some kind of  "message" for me, or, if it was me screaming from the inside - "No More!" - enduring a particularly stressful time in my experience of life at that moment.  Or, was it my inner psyche calling out to a world gone mad; witnessing a species apparently turning against itself, apparently trying to destroy itself in so many different ways - or so it seems at times.  And the rest of us - onlookers - enduring the dance of darkness that plays itself out here - forced to face the darkness within and without.  I pondered this all day, turning my awareness inward to the fear inside - repeating the phrase internally - "No More!"  At the end of the day's reflection was the sense that sometimes all we can do is endure the way life is - day to day.  And I wondered why - why that is true, why is it that we must "endure" such pain, such heartache, such suffering, both within and without...  But there was no answer...

Maybe the voice was from a dream I didn't realize I was having, as if looking through a blurred window.  And maybe that really is what life is - a dream we don't know we're having - that we must endure for as long as the dream lasts, until we are awakened from the dream by a voice saying "No More!"...?   I don't know...  I cannot presume to know anything anymore - either spiritually or temporally...  It's all a mystery - looking through a glass dimly...   


Mystic that I am, and usually focused on the inner "spiritual" world, looking for a "spiritual answer", I am frankly encouraged, and impressed, to see articulate, intelligent young people across this country, but especially those from Parkland, Florida, speaking up, rising up like waves out of the Ocean of Being ItSelf, to say "Enough!"  Taking passionate action that may possibly end a cycle of violence and suffering in this country.  This too is the Tao - the movement of Life.  This too is Infinite Beingness moving like a wave in the hearts of fearless young people to give voice to their passion and pain.  Everything is allowed - both passion and pain - and - the waves of passionate action.  We just never know HOW "The Infinite" is going to express ItSelf in each of us...  We do not have to squelch what arises in us, limiting our expression, hiding behind words of conceptual dogma, or lofty "spirituality."  Like the storms at sea, the Ocean is still, but the waves crash and churn in response to the chaos of the storm overhead...  It's all allowed...  The calm and the chaos, the beauty and the destruction, the light and the dark, all serving the unknown purposes of a greater Mystery... Or so I'd like to believe...

Oh, and one more thing... Pardon me as I seem to be tapping into my little "activist" here in my passionate self-expression. :)  It occurred to me that when the heart opens the mind, one can no longer detach oneself with abstract, conceptual ideas and forms of "spirituality" that shield us from the suffering of humanity in this manifest world; pretending it doesn't exist, taking the position that this existence is unreal, or even some saying that the person doesn't exist; even if on an Absolute level of Pure Being that may all be true...  The true measure of the Heart, it seems to me, is not intellectual or emotional detachment, but how we see and respond to another Being - turning inward to the Heart of our own True Being and responding authentically from there...

There is a famous saying that goes:

"Before people want to know what you know,
they want to know
that you care."



Infinite, Self-aware Consciousness (Awareness) is the unlimited, open,
 empty field in which all experience appears, and out of which all
 experiences arise.
  Remaining established as the Infinite Being that
we are doesn't mean we don't deal appropriately with
whatever.....arises. We deal with whatever presents itself, at a
relative level, and remember to remain established in Infinite Being,
 which is our Self.
There is only Infinite Being... 
We are a modulation, a vibration of that Infinite Being.

Contemporary Non-Duality teacher


Photo - Shadows on a wall, color altered

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