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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Perfect Pleasure...

To be aware of the inner Presence of "The Divine"
gives great pleasure;
the perpetual awareness of Awareness...

To be blessed with the Grace of "Presence"
gives great Contentment;
the realization of ones Divine Nature...

To be embraced by the Silence of "The Infinite"
gives Bliss;
the Peace that passes understanding...

To rest in your "Divine Nature"
gives Perfect Pleasure;
the greatest Happiness...

To know the Ineffable Perfection of Being,
the felt experience of Divine Pleasure within;
is Love...

Mystic Meandering
January 28, 2018


Photo - Mandala Art
done by my 90 year old mother
(digitally zoom blurred for affect :)

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  1. Your mom's mandala reminds me of an iris, the tip of a peacock feather, and wonderfully worked thread art. ♡


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