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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A Love With No Name - Jeff Foster

Life produces life out of itself, the same life that was present
at the Big Bang is somehow also here - in form.  There are
moments when we can touch the wholeness of life, the
wordless mystery that permeates all creation - we can fall in
love with existence as it reveals an unconditional love with
no name.

We can become absorbed by life and realize we are not living
life, but life is living us. And we realize everything is deeply
okay - cosmically okay.  Even though our life situation hasn't
changed, our relationship to it has transformed.  We realize we
no longer need to struggle to find wholeness.  There is only

Existence is rich with mystery and wonder, and sometimes,
without warning, light can shine through the cracks.
Life is somehow infinitely more than what it appears to be.
The extraordinary is hidden in the ordinary, just waiting to be
discovered.  Perhaps all the things we have taken for granted
are actually divine, sacred, infinitely precious expressions of
wholeness that cannot be expressed in thought or language.

We have invented many words over the years to try to point
to this cosmic wholeness, words like spirit, nature, Oneness,
Advaita, nonduality, consciousness, awareness, aliveness,
Being, Source, Existence, Isness, Tao, Buddha Mind,
and presence.

Thoughts and words fragment wholeness; they break up a
unified reality into separate things.  The world of thought is
the world of duality...  But the most important thing to
remember is that:
it's not about the words. 
It's about the wholeness of life itself;
inner stillness, a love letter from stillness to itself.

Life, then, is about finding out who you really are, beyond who
you think you are, beyond who you've been taught you are,
beyond your story about who you are, beyond all your concepts
and images of who you are;
the wholeness that you are...

Jeff Foster
Excerpt From: The Deepest Acceptance


Photo - Mandala Art
digitally altered

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