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Sunday, November 28, 2021

The Loom of Creation - Ginny Lonsdale

called out
sung into being
through the loom of creation
woven again

came to Be, HERE.

Somewhere, along the
colour, spin and weave
of YOUR material story,
I remembered:

it is YOU
singing and breathing me.
- the rapture and exultation,
ardent love for YOU,
the treasure of your earth,
tears of joy outpour from a heart
filled with gratitude and wonder
for the privilege of being called forth,
to take a place HERE.
it is Our joy to hug and welcome each other.
Why not love
that which you have made?

it is Our joy to hold hands and dance.
Why not love
that which breathes me, adores me?

it is Our unity
that allows me to disrobe
and live in your clearing


I am enfolded in your eternal embrace
naked and secure
in Your immeasurable Peace.


Ginny Lonsdale


Photo - Mystic Meandering
Light shining in sink :)


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