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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Adi Shakti: The Primal Energy - Madhu

The [Cosmic] Mother's magic is ancient as life itself.
She existed before Gods and mortals, and She will
still exist even after the great dissolution.  Mother is
pure energy in subtle form...

The name Adi (or Adya) Shakti means 'primal power'
[or force], or 'primal energy' in Hinduism.  She is the
power/force/energy that permeates all creation, including
the animate, inanimate, and divine.  She is the [energy]
from which the universe is created and sustained, and
She is what everything will withdraw back into at the
end of their lives.

Shakti in the highest causal sense is God as Mother,
and in another sense it is the Universe that issues
from Her Womb.  She is the darkness from which light
the unmanifest from which everything manifests.

She is no one particular form...but is generally manifested
in everything that we see in the universe, including the
life force that moves in it.  She is often described as 
neither male or female, yet both male and female at the
same time - beyond descriptive categories of male
and female.

She IS Everything

She is unbroken Reality

She is pure Being Consciousness-Bliss,
existing in the form of Time and Space,
and all that is therein, and is the radiant
Illuminatrix in all beings...

From : The Primal Goddess by Madhu


Photo - Mystic Meandering


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