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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Serenity's Sanctuary - Stillness

Reside in Stillness. Sink into Stillness.
Entrain deeply with Stillness, the flow and fluidity of Stillness.
Go deep and suspend in Stillness till an entrainment occurs.
Keep coming back to Stillness and let it “imprint” you,
groove you into a new groove.

Allow Stillness, the depths of Being, to infuse your mind,
body, chi ~ a deep communing with Stillness.


Fall into Stillness.
Be at peace with your life
And do not wish for anything to be different.
Find the Stillness in everything you experience.
Find the still corners of your experience and wait.


Listen deeply… Hear Stillness. Receive Stillness.
Rejuvenation is found by resting in Stillness ~
The Primordial Space of Life.
Rest there.
Sink deeply ~ listen ~ and delight
in the communion...

Sweet Serenity…

Notes from my journals 2004-2006
Fun-Qi Art™ - :) Christine
Note – the word Awareness can be substituted for Stillness,
the Awareness that is aware…


  1. what a wonderful reminder of how to go about our day - drop the craving and busyness and spend time with that inner stillness. Thanks Christine I needed that reminder today!

  2. Hi ZenDS ~~

    Yes,and interesting that these were the words that popped out at me today - wanting to be posted evidently :) C