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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Unwinding the Wound

The “original wound” of humanity is a
*perceived separation* from the Essence of all Life,
from Source, from God-Consciousness.

Healing this universal wound is a
healing of the consciousness of separation –
the “split” in consciousness of the Heart
that became the shadow.

This wound of separation is just a consciousness
spawned from the *belief* in separation.
A *belief* in separation creates a consciousness
of fear and darkness – a shadow.

It is only a *belief.*
It is not real.

You are caught in the net of separation,
*thinking* it is real.
Emerge through this layer of darkness
by *recognizing* the Consciousness of Presence –
the Beingness that you are…

See life through the eyes of this Presence.
Find your internal “Home” in the sense of this Beingness.
Recognize the Presence of Being within you
~ the place of un-wounding ~
unwinding the wound
in the Flow of communion with the Infinite…

Notes from my journal – 2004

Photo – Bill Kennedy
The picture is patterns created
by a “visualizer” while music was playing.


  1. Christine - an inspired and beautiful post - thank you!
    miriam louisa

  2. So wonderful to "see" you here Miriam Louisa! :)
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment...
    Much Love to you!

  3. We are all ONE in the ONE...Stop by my blog today Christine, I have a surprise for you!