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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I have conversed with the Universe,
commiserated and cogitated;
ascended, descended:
polarized, conceptualized and spiritualized:
dis-membered and re-membered ~
and still I find no “plan” ~

Only vastness and immensity
beyond theory, framework and perception.
The Greatest, Grandest Mystery
in an ever unfolding nebula;
procreating itself in billowy clouds
and golden streams of stardust in an
endless infinity;
a golden thread weaving through space
without beginning or end:
creation beyond creation;
sound beyond sound;
light beyond light -

Matchlessly weaving its glittering thread
of exquisite expression through timelessness,
into time, and space beyond time,
with one theme braided into its
unending spiral, through
dimensions, distortions, dysfunctions -
~ Love ~

From this divine, mysterious weave of love
we create our reality,
and dance the dance of duality;
our light and our dark;
one thread within this cosmic
fabric of Divine Embrace…


Mystic Meandering
Winter Solstice


Photo – The Sombrer0 Galaxy
A galaxy within a galaxy
From – The Invisible Universe
by David Malin


  1. Thank you Christine

    Beautiful luminous inspiration
    Opening the dimension of perfection

    Dancing, ‘the dance of duality’
    In the pristine awareness…

    Of who we truly are
    Stardust nebulae


  2. Thank you for visiting again Vereda! Good to see you here, leaving your own luminous words :)
    Christine ~*~

  3. brightest blessings to you Christine!

  4. Holiday hugs to this Dearest Being of Christine...

  5. Thank you Laura and Leslie! Heart Hugs to you both! Christine

  6. Phew!

    This is amazing...

    Expansive and Real.

  7. ...and the first part lends itself to working well as a response to those who may mentally try to pigeonhole my life's future. Hehe!

  8. Thank you Nathan :) Am glad "IT" spoke to you :)

  9. It is a masterpiece. May I print it and mount it on coloured paper and put it up somewhere in my room? (referenced to your blog, of course!)

  10. Hello Nathan! Yes, of course! "I" is humbled... :)


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