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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Cave Writings" - Leap

The heartache of humanity
ripples through Consciousness
with its pain and fear…

We stand at the precipice of
Love’s eternal abyss.
Yet, we are hesitant to jump ~
to fall into that Love,
to listen to the Voice of Love
calling to us…

We are totally free
~ to love ~
to *feel*
our collective pain…
our grief,
our fear,
our anger,
~~~ rippling through ~~~

We are free to experience it all,
to express it all,
to embrace life experience completely…

We are totally free to Be ~
just as we are…

And we are free
to empty ourselves
into Love any time…

”The Beloved” awaits…

Listen and Leap,
and keep leaping…

We are loved beyond measure…


Mystic Meandering
Dec. 1, 2010

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  1. Ah shucks, thanks for the nod in my direction. I get a real feeling of gratitude in this piece of writing as you explore freedom from all its angles. I love the word, the concept of the "Beloved". It immediately makes me think of Rumi. And I sense your readiness, your longing for the leap. And thanks for reminding us all to take the leap with you!

  2. Hello ZDS ~ :) Yes, there is definitely a "longing for the leap" - that letting go of the "me" parachute and just falling into Pure Awareness, That Which Is, True Nature, True Mind, Love - "The Beloved" - however one knows that for themselves... And, in a sense, there is also the recognition that we are already free when we embrace the totality of our experience...

  3. Thank you Dearest Christine,
    "...we are already free when we embrace the totality of our experience..." -- that acceptance of the entirety of our experience must be Love. I love the image you chose...like the gravitational pull of That has one flying. Hold on for the ride :)

  4. Hello Leslie ~ Thank you :) Yes, holding on, while "letting go," like letting "the pull" pull you. Just allowing the leaping to happen...
    Lovebeams ~ Christine

  5. "...like letting "the pull" pull you. Just allowing the leaping to happen..." -- YES!!!
    Beeeeg Hugs Dearest Christine...Thank you.

  6. your comment "that we are already free" reminds me of a lovely Zen story about a bird in a golden cage. The long and the short of it is, there is no bottom on the cage but the bird doesn't know this so it stays trapped in the cage.

  7. Such joy and gladness to see you posted this beautiful poem dearest C - and gratitude for the links!

    The arms that reach for the Beloved are the arms of the Beloved reaching for us. Melt. Dissolve. So easy, so simple.

    In Love
    ~ ml

  8. Carole ~ How true that is! Freedom is right here all along, yet we stay trapped in our ignorance, our "not seeing." Thank you! C

  9. Ahhhh - so beautiful dearest ml ~~~~ poof... Lovebeams - C

  10. @ Carole..."Never helpful to pass out from lack of oxygen." -- LOL.

  11. So beautifully wriiten. I think about that hesitation to jump, let go, leap. It's strange that the more I see that the ground of being is totally safe(our true home) the more fear there is. Of course, the fear really isn't that deep when compared to the depth of what the fear floats in.

    Here's to leaping!

  12. Thank you linty ~ Yes, it's interesting how the feeling of fear can grab hold of us the more "we" open... And it does feel really deep. But of course the Heart is "deeper" - more spacious - and eventually it all just ripples through when we don't identify with it; when "we" leap into Love :) Christine

  13. This is so beautifully written...we are truly always free to leap or fall into that endless continuous love...and to be that endless continuous love for ourselves and others.

  14. We are 'The Beloved,' and I am learning this each new morning as I sing my morning song to my Collective Family Tree, Divine Consciousness at ours, yours, my awaiting...my 'Self'...flinging wide the window sash to open unto myself, the Heart.

    I adored your poem today Christine as it speaks volumes...and the artistry sings it out!

    Happy Holidaying! :)

  15. Almost forgot...I wanted to ask you if you'd go and check out Rachel Snyder...her writings zing me to the very core of my being...she is another phenominal woman like yourself Christine! Her addy is:


    Perhaps your friends and connections would like to read her poetry and thoughts as well.

    All my love,

  16. Thank you Akasa Wolf Song :) Beautiful...

    I will check out Rachel Snyder - Thank you for the link...

    Many Whispers of Love on the wind... Christine


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