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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fire of Life Vortex

The sounds of the rustling leaves,
the *feel* of the cooling breeze,
the coos of the Morning Dove,
the chatter of Robins in Love,
the squawk of a Blackbird displeased…

Life is singing!

Even the sound of traffic,
honking horns, and
sirens screaming…

It’s all Life singing…

I just sit with Life,

Life sings:

I *am* THIS
and this,
and this…

Life Sings:

I *am* everything…
being everything…
living everything…

Life is aware,
alive and singing…

Life Sings:

Hear ME
Aware ME
Experience ME
*Remember* ME

the song of Life…
the singing of Aliveness…
the singing of the Heart for ItSelf…

Life *is* everything
and *everything* is this Singing Life…

Nothing is separate from this Life
that sings…

No thing is discounted,
No thing is dismissed
as “illusion”
Every thing is always IT…

Everything is Life!

I am mesmerized by the song of Life
outside the window,
realizing -

Life does not see ItSelf as “duality”
or “non-duality,”
as light or dark…
Life just sees ItSelf ~
Vibrant and Alive and Singing!
Playing, Loving, Living…

Everything is always Life living ItSelf,
expressing ItSelf

I will not be deterred from
*knowing* This -
The Joy of Life Living ItSelf
in everything,
as everything,
as me – *as* I am…

Life delighting in living ItSelf!


Mystic Meandering
June 2011

Art: “Fire of Life Vortex”


  1. I love this line: "the singing of the Heart for ItSelf…" A song of gratitude for what is, an attitude of grace, a song of knowing. Thank-you for this tasty treat!

  2. And thank you ZDS for your wonderul notes in the song of Life! :) Bows of Grace to you...

  3. Utterly exquisite...Deep Bows of Grace, affection and love Dearest Christine ♥

  4. And thank you Dear Leslie for the music that you are! Heart Hugs always ♥c

  5. This is so beautiful Christine! This poem captures the presence, simplicity and beauty of the moment so eloquently. I am also loving your art!

  6. Thank you Kristen! I love to see how the song of spirit moves you! :)

  7. Dearest Christine, always beautiful to hear how Life sings through you.

    All love, Mags

  8. Thank you Mags! :) Thank you for being beautiful Music here too... Love-C


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