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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sweet Solstice Light Vortex

I am re-posting this picture because it is my favorite vortex so far. I have been using it as a meditation tool - just sitting with it and seeing what the picture has to offer, what it has to say. And it seemed appropriate as a Solstice Vortex, although I’m posting it a little late in the day, as I was preoccupied with the Family Vortex most of the day. (A future blog post, hopefully later this week.)

So, why is this my favorite vortex so far? Because it reminds me of the Light of Being. Not the light at the end of the tunnel, as the picture might suggest, nor some future light of enlightenment that I hope to attain, but the Light of Being that lies within – here and now; that is accessible here and now. The center circle in the vortex calls to me as this Light ~ the Light of Lights within us all – that we seek for on our “spiritual paths,” and that few actually access experientially – including myself. That is changing – because my life question is no longer “Who am I”, but – what would it actually *feel* like to BE ‘This’ that I am? – this Light, this Knowing Awareness, this movement of Being… After all, the seeking is actually the impulse of Being, to recognize ItSelf, to know ItSelf; calling ItSelf back to ItSelf. And so we follow the homing call…

This particular Vortex speaks to me of experientially going into the Unknown and re-discovering what’s really there – for myself; not taking anyone else’s word for it, but falling in, and following the pull of Self discovering ItSelf - not being constrained by words, form or image. It speaks to me of finding the way of innocence, curiosity and wonderment again. In this way it speaks to me of being playful, allowing myself to be pulled in to a different View of life, a different perspective, a different realm – a realm of imagination and wonder, of Life creating and living ItSelf without agenda.

These vortexes that I create are simply just the movement of Being, with little pre-thought or thinking during the process; without having a vision of what it is supposed to look like. It starts with a spontaneous choice of color(s) and circular and semi-circular motions. I *call* it a “vortex” because that’s how the mind knows it.

The awakened Self within sees only light, movement and color - sees only The Light that It Is – that shines unendingly – beaming out its signal of Love at all times. It is this radiant Light from which “we” arise, but which we often do not *know* - because the stories that we *believe* about ourselves, about life, about what “the path” should look like, and how long it should take to *see* this Light, obscure our view of It, our awareness of It; not the Light Itself…

But at some point the culmination occurs - and voila – we discover that the Light is not hidden at all, but has always been here – just waiting for us to see…


Sweet Solstice Light to you all!


  1. as wonderfully uplifting a post as summer solstice. a place to bask in and enjoy, just like the deliciousness of summer.

    happy solstice to you!

    ps I see a little shadowy figure in the centre of that vortex?

  2. ZDS ~ Ha-ha - just the play of light and dark :)

  3. ((♥)) Happy Solstice Dear Christine...I love these vortex posts. Thank You for Being this Light...lighting the Way.

  4. Dear Leslie ~ And thank you for Being this Light :)equally lighting the Way... Light to Light, Being to Being, Love loving :) C


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