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Monday, June 6, 2011

Something About Circles...

Painting the Enso in my previous post, and practicing a few others, actually primed the creative pump, let’s say, and I went back to my Cray-Pas oil sticks and started drawing vortexes of color. This is a delightful “practice” - to be spontaneous and just create for the sake of creating and playing with color; playing with the movement of the oil with hands and fingers as they make sweeping circular movements gliding the color on paper to blend it, smooth it. It’s fun to step back and just see what emerges on paper, how it takes form, what it ends up looking like, even though the intention is circular. Some colors glide better than others, and look softer. The darker colors drag more and need to be coaxed into blending and smoothing. But they sometimes also create more “character”, a more textured look. Some look like waves encircling themselves, others like imaginary rabbit holes without end; one feels ethereal, and one appears a little dark and stormy. I was going for metallic silver and dark blue, but it came out gray…

There is something about creating these "circles," these “vortexes,” that pulls me in to a sense of wholeness: the awareness of the vast spacious place of pure play, pure peace, pure openness beyond mind and time – just experiencing the experience. One in particular seemed to spiral on its own as my eyes watched, delightfully absorbed in the vastness – as if falling into the vortex - beyond all conceptions and perceptions of what I was creating and just resting there – held by the movement of Being ItSelf…

I am reading book 5, “making fun of play”, in Miriam Louisa Simons' 9 book series – “empty canvas: wondering mind” that she is offering free at the awakened eye website. Be sure to drop over to see her art and check out her series called “breathscribe”! In this particular book she says to just keep creating, keep playing, keep exploring, “as though there were no importance…..no profound messages or meanings to be communicated…..simply play.” And so I am playing with vortexes – circles of color. (The camera doesn’t necessarily pick them up well). I have found a wonderful place to hang them in my “workspace” from a high shelf, like little prayer flags over my work area – reminding me to keep playing, keep creating, keep expressing That which delights in Expressing – just for the fun of it…



  1. WOW! These images of the Space of your Being so touch the space in this heart. Isn't that what real art is? The space in you touching the space in me. Thank you Dear Christine. ♥

  2. :) Thank you Leslie... Being recognizing ItSelf through "art", seeing ItSelf, aware of ItSelf... So much fun! ♥c

  3. Ooohhh, yeah! Creating...activity close to my heart! Can't think of a better way to be in the moment. :) Much love!

  4. Thank you dear Christine - for the link-love and your feedback about the e-books.
    Your "play-full" images may be simple but they are potent. Like Leslie, I feel them move me.
    Especially the one with deep blues ...
    Love, loving!
    ~ ml

  5. Thanks Maria! With all your caregiving how do you find time to do your artwork?!

  6. Bows of gratitude to you dear Miriam Louisa for your inspiration!

  7. love these...there is something deeply healing about the smooth glide of oil pastels and the graceful, full-bodied dance of circling round and round starting at the fingers up through the hand wrist arm shoulder...straight to the heart...breathing as the color expands on the surface, like ripples on a still pond. An entrancing experience to be sure.

  8. Those Beautiful blue ones have the full Force and gravitational pull of the Void. Reminding me that next time I get even close to that Space to let go entirely. ♥

  9. Thank you Laura for sharing your own experience :)

  10. Leslie ~ Yes - they do! - even more so in "real life" - meaning not as a one-dimensional picture on a screen, but are more 3-dimensional, with depth. Magical :) A wonderful relaxing occurs...


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