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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Light and Darkness...

Despite the intensity of the week where this body was flattened by environmental and physical issues, and the physical stress of having to be present for family, “I” am alive! :) Or should I say - Light lives! - even though I’m feeling a little lackluster these days. As I alluded to in my previous post, a sense of separation has occurred here – leaving a shadow. From a non-dual perspective this makes no sense. How can That which is not separate experience separation… How can the Light experience darkness… Yet, evidently it does, as that was my felt experience – *something* dissociated this week, and this body-psyche experienced the shadow of separation again.

Before this “dark week”, however, in meditations early in July, I started experiencing a “galaxy” of intense, brilliant light off in the distance in my internal vision that just appeared while in deep stillness. And although meditation has been sparse this past week, whenever I sat, I could still see this yellowish, whitish, goldish Light – despite the darkness that was experienced. Each time the Light appeared a little closer, a little brighter, a little bigger, until Saturday when it was right over my head, and then completely encompassed me in its brilliance, as if I was suspended in the Light; the Light becoming me, and me the Light – a metamorphosis of Light… And yet a shadow remains… It amazes me still, how one can experience the darkness and the Light simultaneously.

I thank all of you who have left me your well wishes, your Metta, your Light, Love, and suggestions for healing in your comments or in emails as I move through this shadow of “darkness.” It is greatly appreciated.



  1. Hi, Christine! I am glad you are experiencing a return of bodily health. :o) And I must thanks for you loving comment at my place. We are still in great shock & sadness over the tragedy that happened here in Norway this past weekend. Thank you for thinking of us! Your musings on light and darkness fascinate me, as this is a subject I've been having some experiences with too. If all is connect, that seeming separation between the light and dark, the emergence from the dark to light does puzzle. Perhaps as we journey toward a higher state of spiritual consciousness, we notice those separation between the light and dark more frequently? There is that saying of we need the dark to appreciate the light. But maybe we get to a place were we are only light, and that separation no longer exists? Part of my practice involving chakra healing has me wondering a lot about dark and light too. I will be eager to hear more of your musings & discoveries on this topic, and look forward to you next posting. :o) Love & Light

  2. Thank you Tracy! I am the most moved over the entrapment and killing of innocent children and the life-long trauma that will create for those who survived it.

    Yes, we'll have to see where "the musings" go on this subject of separation. I can only write from my experience. And although I *know* there is no separation - that nothing can ever be separate from That which IS - Eternal Beingness - I experienced the deep pain of separation. So we shall see what happens when I am able to inquire into that, to get more clarity and see through it. Some have said that separation is only in the mind, that it is only through identification with the little "me" that we experience separation. Yet the "me" is inseparable from Beingness. So it may just mean that there is still a mis-identification going on here... We shall see what we shall see :)

    Namaste :) Christine

  3. Glad to hear the light is with you and the week is behind you!

    ah, light and darkness... I guess for me there is that vacillation between the 2, back and forth, like the yin/yang symbol, one always shifting to the other, always the seed of darkness in light and vice versa. It is our egoic selves that prefer one over the other, I think. Interesting to contemplate it all! Thanks for the invitation.

  4. ZDS ~ :) Yes, interesting play of light and dark this past week! Looking forward to a quieter week, inner explorations - and clarity!


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