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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Life Just Keeps Happening...

Listening to the rain at the window,
trying to calm this frazzled body
after another week in the “family vortex.”

Listening to the sound of the rain come and go,
as storms roll through,
one after another this night…

The rain hits the large zucchini leaves in the neighbor’s garden,
tick, thunk, tick…
and the metal downspout,
clink, plank, clink…
Delightful sounds ~

I watch lightening streak through the sky,
cutting through the clouds;
dancing a beautiful light show.

Life just keeps happening…

That’s what nature teaches me -
Life just keeps happening no matter what.
It always amazes me how nature just keeps being itself.
The world keeps grinding on, despite what’s going on in our personal lives;
or physical bodies.

Life just keeps happening…

Although sometimes I feel like my body is caught in a grinder,
being pulverized by life…

So I come to sit at the window at night to regain a sense of Self,
to come back to nature for a bit of rejuvenation;
to sit in Silence of ‘The Beloved’

Life just keeps happening…

It seems the “remedy” for this helter-skelter life I’m living is awareness –
just stopping –
being aware of nature –

the sights, the smells, the sounds;
aware of the Life that is living here;
aware of the Silence that breathes me…

And rest ~

Deep rest ~

Doing nothing ~

Just Being ~

Just listening ~

to Life happening.


Storms roll through…

The family vortex spins…

And Life just keeps happening…

~ ♥ ~

Mystic Meandering
July 2011

Art: Bee Vortex

I actually did this one several weeks ago
but it seemed fitting for this post.
It is a combination of a couple of colors
but one in particular kept dragging,
creating these splotches,
giving it a rather
hectic look,
like a vortex of bees…

Or maybe that’s just my
projection at the moment :)


  1. It is so true, we need to find some way to replenish ourselves. This is as important as the food we eat, the air we breath. We need to feed our spirits and yet this seems like such a forgotten art in our modern world.

    The more sucking the energy of the vortex, the more time I think we need to rebalance ourselves. Yay for window sitting and yay for the cleansing rain and the bolts of light from the sky.

    Thanks for reminding us to feed our spirits.

  2. ZDS ~ Yes, so true. And for me it is so easy to go on automatic and forget that sense of Self, the True Nature that we are - that I'm reminded of when I sit... Instead getting caught in the vortex of going, doing, and busy beeing - and not resting in BEing. Definitely yeay for 'window sitting' :)

  3. What a beautiful post dear Christine. Life keeps happening...place this one firm on the Window Seat of Awareness...steep her in this exquisite Stillness...drowned in the full Changeless where all the wild movement of Life only celebrates this BEing.
    Thank You Dear WSS _(♥)_

  4. Ooooo - lovely Leslie! I like your version too! Made my Heart smile... ♥ :)C


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