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Thursday, November 24, 2011

"Morning Has Broken"

“Morning has broken
like the first morning.
Blackbird has spoken,
like the first bird.

Praise for the singing.
Praise for the morning.
Praise for them springing
fresh from the Word….

[Ours] is the sunlight,
[ours] is the morning.
Born of the one Light,
Eden saw play…

Praise with elation.
Praise every morning.
[The] recreation of a new day…”


This little tune was humming through my head last evening,
and thought it was appropriate for today.
It is a few lines from the song:
”Morning has Broken”
by Cat Stevens in 1971.
Some of you may remember him :)
You can view a beautiful video of it on You Tube here
lyrics: Eleanor Farjeon


Photo taken by DH
before morning exercise :)


  1. Beautiful image and perfect words accompanying it! I, too, felt the breaking of the morning yesterday, breaking like floodgates opening, like cracking an egg into a hot skillet, like the slate washed clean.

    Thank you.

  2. Thank you Chris... Yeah, I thought it was rather appropriate for the day. :) How wonderful! I have been pondering your ponderings from yesterday...:) Will be over to leave a comment. Am glad you are in a new space!

  3. Angie ~ Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment :)


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