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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Silent Soundings...

Soundings from Silence


Existence “exists” in a field
of Silent Awareness
Everything is “held” in this space –
suspended in deep Silence…


I feel myself slipping deeper into the Silence,
slipping off the shore of the mind,
into the deep internal Silence -
the depths of the Ocean of Aware Knowing,
in which *everything* is suspended…


This Silent Awareness *wants* to be found,
recognized, acknowledged, known…

Who really *lives* here?
What animates this human self?
What animates this body-mind?
What functions the cells?
Who *lives* this body?

Who is it that *wants* to be recognized as *living* here?


A recognition of Self occurs – of Being-Self,
of Deep Awareness, of the Who/What that
lives this body, animates and functions this body...

I am being lived...


Inspiration arises from this deep Silence.
Creativity arises spontaneously.
Words arise from here without thinking them…


Resting deeply with no agenda, no seeking
just experiencing the deep rest of Silence,
I feel the pull of the depths of unavoidable,
irresistible Silence...

I recognize this space ~~~

I am being freshly bathed
in the waters of Silence ~

I am being breathed
by Silence ~~~


“To be aware of the embrace in which
Existence holds us
is the greatest gift…”

Deva Premal
From her CD - “Embrace”


"Only when you drink from the river
of Silence
shall you sing…"

Kahlil Gibran


Top - Vortex Art
#2 – Inside of Earthenware Pot
#3 – Shadow Ripples on Counter
#4 – Shadow on Wall
#5 – Heart Shape Water Droplet


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  1. am glad you are finding the depths of silence within in this stressful time of your life.

    "no agenda" so rare for anyone to do anything with no agenda. it is so rare others often do not recognize it when it comes from others. they are suspicious and unbelieving that someone could do something with no agenda other than to tend to the present moment.

    i think i do things from that point of no agenda sometimes, would like to be that way for often for that is truly to "be" hugs, suki

  2. I am glad the ebb and flow of life have returned you to the silence. As always, lovely words about this place. And the photos of course echo this calm, spacious place.

    Thanks for sharing it with us and reminding us to travel there too!

  3. Suki ~ What I meant was just sitting in meditation with no agenda - not wanting it to be a certain way with certain results - even in terms of expecting to go deeply into the Silence. But just allowing "The Silence" to take you where It wants to go; which is, as you say, just being in the present moment. :) Having no agenda with others, or about life is definitely more difficult! Not one I've "mastered" either, to say the least, so I practice in meditation :) Big Hugs back, C

  4. ZDS ~ Well, I catch it here and there :) This week not so much as we had plumbing problems for 3 days ;( Not very conducive to resting in Silence. So we just go with the Flow :)

  5. "I am being lived..." Living in the being... that's a good place to be, Christine. :o) VERY BEAUTIFUL here today... Keep flowing... ((LOVE & LIGHT))

  6. Thank you Tracy :) Great photo on your post today of the dance of shadow and light! Love it!
    Be well... Lovebeams~~~

  7. go with the flow? was that a plumbing joke?

  8. ZDS ~ I am sitting here laughing out loud with your last comment pointing out my unintended pun! I meant I was just going with the Flow of life with its interruptions. But the plumbing joke works too :) Thanks for pointing it out! I haven't laughed this hard in a long time :)


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