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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Snowy Evening Walk...

“At the edge of restful darkness…the sacred life force calls to us,
asking us to remember…

We feel the longing to go home to what we are…

It is the impulse of the life force within us…


Quotes from: The Call

“We are probably never more true to ourselves,
or more in tune with our fundamental nature,
and our inner light than when we are engaging
in the liminal…”

Cate Kerr
Beyond the Fields We Know

“Discover the light that is already within you.
It’s a discovery of Being,
revealed in your inner Reality.

We have always already been this light -
always been full of light.
Go within and see what’s there.
See the Truth of who you already are.

Just close your eyes and look in…”


"We try to grasp something strange and mysterious
because we believe that happiness lies elsewhere…

The Self is all pervading.
Our real nature is liberation,
but we imagine that we are bound,
and make strenuous efforts to become free,
although all the while we are free.

All that is required to realize the Self
is to be still.

Your true nature is that of infinite spirit."

Ramana Maharshi

The ineffable Mystery calls to us from within…
Come Home…


Photos - my twilight walk Saturday evening...


  1. Guided to our true home by following the light within, yes. But glimpsing the lights shining out from these winter scenes is good for the soul, as well...and I didn't even have to put my boots on or get cold. Thanks for the walk and the words.

  2. LOVE your magical walks... the light is just thrilling to behold. And words good for the soul...*sigh*... :o) Happy new week, Christine ((HUGS))

  3. louciao ~ Thank you for walking with me :) Oh yes, to see the beauty of nature is definitely good for the soul, spirit, life and everything else... And I *love* your wonderful light-filled photos! They always fill my heart with more light.

  4. Tracy ~ Thank you... Am always seeing something new, and sometimes I'm surprised at how the pictures come out! It *is* magical :)

  5. loving these walks. they're like the window visits, in a way. love these photos, the feeling that the snow is falling, the darkness, quite lovely. silent, darkness.

    and wonderful quotes, so much wisdom here. and I hear your longing in the choice of the words.

    “Discover the light that is already within you." yes!

  6. ZDS ~ Yes, and they're so enlivening too! :) Getting to see things in a whole different way. But can't wait for "window sitting" again - which is more meditative. Oops, that's not being in the Now, now is it :) Just sent you off an email ~~~~ :)

  7. "we imagine that we are bound,
    and make strenuous efforts to become free,
    although all the while we are free."
    —Ramana Maharshi

    I'm loving this one. The spacious silence you have pictured and shared with us is evocative. It has a universal resonance that cuts thru my busyness and goes right to the heart...

  8. Thank yo Kris for your lovely comment! I was actually feeling the same thing lately. It's all universal: Our seeking, our longing, our light, the liminal spaces, the in-betweens, the spacious silence are so universal to us all - a shared experience and common thread of life... Even our busyness! With gratitude...


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