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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Squirrel "Small Stone"...

This was the first “small stone” that I wrote for the practice of
writing “small stones” for the month of January.
So I thought it only appropriate that I end
the month and the practice
with this one.

The snow receding,
exposing a browning landscape.
A squirrel digging in the bare
spots of grass,
trying to find his buried treasures;
hopping over the frosted snow patches,
up the fence post
and down the fence line,
traveling on to other back yards
on his search -
in his daily play…


Have a squirrely day
and collect a pocket full
of “small stones.”! :)


  1. Love the squirrel, and the poetry is superb!

  2. great fat healthy squirrel! and lovely words that take us right there. a squirrel day to you too (not a squirrely one!)

    1. Thank you ZDS ~ Well, what I meant by "squirrely" was, as a squirrel friend just told me, may you have endless energy, plyfulness and an open heart... Maybe I should have explained that one :) LOL

    2. Oops - I meant "PLAYFULNESS" but maybe plyfulness works too :)

  3. A beautiful poem with so many lovely images and wonderful detail. And please don't make this "the end of the practice" of writing small stones.

    1. Cynthia ~ Thank you for coming by and leaving your comment! Ahhhh, maybe you entice me to keep going. :) I can assure you I will continue to be aware of Life and its Beauty, but may not write small stones all the time. :) But just let them arise as wants to be written. And I will certainly continue to come by and read your wonderful small stones! I love that you made a whole blog of writing them.

  4. Thank you Christine for this most awesome photo and "small stone" of Ms.Squirrel. She is beautiful. I aspire to wake up a squirrel in my next life. I think I will begin a practice of "small nuts"!<3<3<3

    1. Squirrel Lady you make me laugh! Yes and we can gather our "small nuts" and forget where we put them and then look for them all over again! :) <3

  5. cute. i have seen lots of squirrels out there this winter hopping around near the apple trees.

    1. They are very entertaining around here. Although I caught this one just sitting, soaking up the sun, which is why I was able to get a picture :)


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