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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Poet's Posts...

My husband brought me this pin from a womens business workshop that he video taped in November. I was surprised that he thought of me as a “Poet.” I had to let that sink in. It gave me the opportunity to accept this about myself. I grew up finding solace and expression in poetry. I have been writing poetry since age 11, but I never really thought of myself as “a poet.” (Not that I *need* that identity, but it was interesting to get a glimpse of how others might see me.) Writing in poetic form comes naturally to me – especially prose poems. I seem to have a poet’s view of life – seeing life poetically, lyrically – no matter what the mood. :)

I love the rhythmic fluidity, and the word-craft of poetry, especially taking my journal notes and turning them into prose poems – creating language in motion. I also like creating a pictorial rhythm with the words, almost like “poetry art” – forming fluidity on the page, which I’ve done with the most recent poems of the past year. And of course I love the ones where the words just spill out from that sacred space within during times of meditation and silence that need no word-crafting. My poems are of a “spiritual nature” as you may have guessed. I write about being in Silence and Stillness; about “The Beloved”; remembering the Heart of who we are – our True Nature; about Light; about the aliveness of Nature; about the Earth; about just Being; about the “Self”; about “Awakening”; about “The Flow.” Some might be considered more “cosmic” in nature – writing about the Universe, galaxies, stars and such. Most have been written while in meditation, or as a result of meditating.

It occurred to me that the poems that I have posted on this blog have gotten lost in the archives. And so I have created links to these past poems in the right side margin as an offering for those who like prose poetry and might find them inspiring – which of course I hope you do. :) Just scroll down to the photo of the “Poet” pin under the picture of the bridge. I realize that not everyone likes poetry, and what I write may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so-to-speak. But I invite you to take a gander. They are listed from the most current on the top to oldest on the bottom.

Mary Oliver has said this about poetry:

“Poetry is prayer, it is passion and story and music, it is beauty, comfort, it is agitation, declaration, it is thanksgiving… Often poetry is the gate to a new life. Poetry can quicken, enliven the interior world of the listener.” (And I would say that this is also true for the Poet as well. :) She says, “poetry is a life-cherishing force… For poems are not words, after all, but fires for the cold…”

So if you have an ear and heart for poetry, and some time on your hands, snuggle up to the fire, and be warmed as you read them…


  1. fires for the cold. wonderful

    yes, you most certainly are a poet. How sweet of your husband to give you that button. I am impressed that your poems are so focused too. Me I am all over the place. for example just wrote a poem which came from anger and frustration at a friend who was "bullying" me. Far from spiritual.

    I noticed that my poems were lost in the archives too. So I created a linked blog called "Suki's Poem" so people could access my poems in continuous posts if they desired. Except I have about six poems yet to transfer there, I dont always keep it up.

    Many poetic moments to you in the year ahead.

  2. Suki ~ Thank you! I know, that was surprisingly special that he felt that way :)

    I enjoy your poetry too, Suki. They are real, very stream of consciousness writing, full of feeling. I just found Jamie Reaser over at Talking Waters, who seems to have a similar style as yours. There are so many wonderful poets out there these days to enjoy, to be inspired by. They say that eyes are the windows to the soul, and I think poetry is too :) At least they give us a peek into the poet...

    I did see your poem blog, and thought about creating one for my poems as well, but for now they will have their home here.

    With gratitude...

  3. I agree, and love that you valued the experience of getting "a glimpse of how others might see me"... Blessings!

  4. Darla ~ Has definitely given me a different "glimpse" of my-self... :)

  5. What a lovely treat from dh! It's funny how these things can happen, how we can not know, how the intimation comes in the form of a button, quite lovely.

    and what a lovely gift for us to be able to access your poem meanderings when the mood strikes. Love that you are always exploring the spiritual, whether in your prose posts or your own poems or those of others you choose to share. And of course your wonderful eye of spirit through the camera lense.

  6. And thank *you* kindly... oooo - "eye of spirit." Another button! :) LOL... Graciously received...

  7. Along with you, Christine, and Mary Oliver, I do think “poetry is prayer." The act of writing and expressing, anything creative really, is spiritual in nature. By giving ourselves permission to accept the inner poet, inner artist, I think we then also open ourselves up to allowing more spirit and creativity to flow into and out of ourselves. Such a sweet gift from your husband--Love that! :o) I find great blessing and inspiration in your words and the poetry of others you share here--THANK YOU, Christine! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

  8. Thank you Tracy ~ Yes, indeed! It's all "spiritual" :) Am glad you are inspired here in these meanderings... :)

  9. Oh, boy! What richness to be able to read your poems: I'm looking forward to it. . . and perhaps I will do something similar with my own scribblings one day. Thanks for sharing, for inspiring.

  10. Hey Chris! :) Thanks for coming by, and leaving the lovely comment, while on your "sabbatical" ;) I'm sure your "scribblings" would be a wonderful read! Enjoy your break from blogging!


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